Do You Need To Turn Off Solar Panels Before Having Them Cleaned?

Are your solar panels looking a bit dusty? Whether it be for aesthetics or efficiency reasons, you may be tempted to clean them. But do you need to turn them off beforehand? Before we get into that, the professionals at Solar Bear Orlando want to teach you when and how to clean your solar panels, followed by the best safety precautions to protect yourself and your solar panel system!

Knowing When To Clean Your Solar Panels

There are easy ways to determine whether your panels need to be cleaned in the first place. Solar panels are often designed to operate for quite a while without the need for daily (or even weekly) maintenance for your convenience. But of course, everything needs to be tended to at some point. In the case of solar panels, the signs can be obvious. For instance, your panels might be caked over with layers of dust to the point where you can’t even see the actual panel anymore. And if you pay attention to your energy usage, you might realize that your panels aren’t generating as much power as they used to because there’s so much dust blocking the sunlight. But for a general rule of thumb, solar panels should be cleaned around every 6 months and no longer than a year.

Why Are My Solar Panels Dirty?

Just like the mantle of your fireplace (or any shelf around your home), high and unattended areas can collect dust over time. The same goes for the solar panels on your rooftop. Other natural occurrences can also contribute to your panels getting dirty like bird activity, dead bugs, or dirt spots after rainfall. Keeping pigeons away can make a difference since they’re the worst for getting solar panels dirty.

Your Solar Panel Safety Checklist

Before you get started on cleaning your solar panels, it’s essential to make all of the necessary arrangements to protect yourself and your panels. To answer your question, yes, you should always shut off your solar panel system before you perform any work on it including cleaning. This is to reduce the risk of any electrical issues caused by water exposure. After turning off your solar panels, take note of some of these other recommended safety precautions:

  • Wear proper gear including a hard hat and non slip shoes
  • Make sure that your ladder is completely stable
  • Only get on your roof during ideal weather conditions
  • Watch your every step while on the roof
  • Take your time cleaning, do not rush the process

How Should I Clean My Solar Panels?

There are cleaning kits designed just for solar panels that are meant to be more gentle so as to not leave behind any scratches, but hosing them down with your garden hose (not a pressure washer) can suffice if you would rather avoid getting up on your roof. Either way, just remember to turn off your solar panels beforehand. But for the best results, it’s better to hire your local solar professionals.

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