About Us

About Solar Bear

At Solar Bear, we care deeply about people and our environment. Our core values of God, Family, and Good Business Stewardship are the fuel that drives us to create a stronger more sustainable future. Through cutting energy costs and leveraging government incentive programs, we strive to facilitate a thriving quality of life through solar energy for as many American families and businesses as possible.

Solar Bear was founded in St. Petersburg Florida and now serves the entire sunshine state! Our goal is to EmPOWER you to make an educated buying decision!

About the owners

Blake Ambrester, Adam Coursey, John Keith & Mark Tosoni Solar Bear LLC was founded in 2015 by Blake Ambrester. As the son of an AC contractor, it was natural to get involved in home improvements. Yet, once Blake discovered renewable energy, a passion was born to create a cleaner environment while saving homeowners thousands of dollars in the process. From this passion, a vision was born to become the premier Solar Efficiencies Company in the country. Solar Bear LLC would be the vehicle to make that happen!

To assist in this vision, Blake invoked the assistance of three top-level, proven top performers from the unrelated alarm systems industry. Adam Coursey , John Keith, and Mark Tosoni teamed up with Blake to take solar across the country in a win-win way. From the beginning, Adam, John, and Mark were inspired by Blake’s passion for renewables and they both quickly caught the solar bug. Since joining as a team these leaders have grown the company to the level that it is today servicing Florida and Texas!. Their vision is to provide top tier solar to America’s homeowners in a way that saves the homeowner thousands of dollars, creating a top-level customer experience, while maintaining a very high standard of quality in each and every installation.

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