Energy Savings

Energy Savings

Energy Savings

This energy powerhouse can save you 40-80% of your monthly utility bill but what if you could squeeze even more savings out by following some of Solar Bear’s tips and tricks below? Read on to optimize your solar system’s performance.

Shine bright

Did you know that solar panels work around the clock to produce energy? They can actually store power during the day and provide a reserve of energy available at night.

Though, their best work is done during peak sunlight so make sure to save your most energy dependent activities for sunny mornings or afternoons. This will maximize the amount of energy consumed through the grid.

Everyone wants to be seen at their best angle! For best optimization, ensure that your solar panels are facing the right direction (towards maximum sun exposure, that is!) and are clear of any debris. This can increase efficacy up to 2%.

Make sure to also speak with your utility provider about any solar energy incentives available during peak-use hours.

Chore Chart

If you want to wash a load of whites and run the dishwasher during the day, you may end up using both solar energy and electricity to complete the tasks. Running multiple major appliances often increases electric grid usage, which means your electric bill will increase too! Instead, try to stagger energy use by using one major appliance at a time. This will create a more efficient use of available solar energy throughout the day.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Insulation is an essential part of your home’s energy efficiency! Through insulating walls and attics, your HVAC system will require less energy. This means solar energy can be diverted to other household uses, making it more cost effective for you. During your initial free consultation, our team of experts can investigate any energy consumption and HVAC issues due to problematic insulation. Solar Bear offers spray foam services that can increase energy efficiency throughout your home.

Solar Bear is on a mission to create a stronger, more sustainable future with energy saving solutions. Give us a call at (727) 471-7442 or request a free estimate today.