5 Tips to Keep Pigeons Away From Your Solar Panels

Pigeons are just like any other living animal—they make waste. While this isn’t a big deal for the average homeowner, it’s a major concern for homeowners who’ve made the wise decision to invest in a solar energy system. While a few passing birds won’t damage your solar panels in the long run, pigeons nesting beneath them will. 

Keeping birds away from your home’s solar energy system—and ensuring they make their nests elsewhere—can be challenging. After all, the solar panels are a welcome spot for pigeons to nest, keeping them protected from the elements. Luckily, there are some simple ways to pigeon-proof your solar energy system. Read on to learn all about our top five tips for keeping pigeons away from your solar panels.

1. Invest in Bird Mesh

Bird mesh is an affordable and effective way to bird-proof your solar energy system. The mesh is easy to install and clips directly to the panels, running along the edges of your entire setup to seal the area below the panels. 

Bird mesh allows air to continue to move below the solar panels while making it nearly impossible for birds to nest there. An even cheaper option—bird netting—can also deter birds from building nests below solar panels, but it’s less resistant to the elements than the mesh.

2. Install Roof Spikes

While roof spikes aren’t the most attractive things you can add to your home, they work well when it comes to keeping birds away from your solar panels. Spikes make it harder for birds to roost on your roof, and they can even be paired with bird mesh to provide the ultimate protection from nesting pigeons and other birds.

3. Add a Plastic Predator

Even though plastic birds, like owls, may seem dated, they’re an excellent deterrent for keeping pigeons away from your solar panels. Some even have heads that swivel in the breeze, moving convincingly and regularly so that birds stay away. 

4. Maintain Your Yard

Birds need a stable food source, and they’ll happily snack on items in your yard and garden. You can make the area around your home less hospitable to birds by keeping your garden clean and ensuring there are no potential food sources around your home. 

5. Maintain Your Solar Energy System

Keeping your solar panels in excellent working condition can also prevent birds from nesting below them. Cleaning your panels regularly, repairing cracks, addressing mounting issues, and having them professionally serviced ensures their long-term function and the best return on your investment. 

Pigeon-Proof Your Solar Energy System Today

If you want your solar system to last as long as possible, you need to prevent pigeons and other birds from nesting—and leaving piles of droppings behind. By trying the steps listed above, you can make your solar panels a less-hospitable place for birds and keep them in excellent working order. Need help pigeon-proofing your solar system? Reach out to the solar experts at Solar Bear Tampa today at (727) 471-7442 to learn more!