Can HOAs Ban Solar Installation In Texas?

Looking into the benefits of solar panels may not seem like a possibility if your home is under the Homeowner’s Association (or HOA). However, it would be a shame to miss out on natural energy and money savings just because a group of people doesn’t want you to.

If you live in Texas, we have some great news! Solar Bear Dallas is happy to let you know that HOAs can’t ban solar installation, and there’s a good reason why.

What Is the Texas Solar Rights Law?

HOA leaders may have a say on certain aspects of your home, but they can’t do anything about what higher government officials want for you and your property. That’s why certain state laws come to fruition, to dictate what the HOA is able to control about your property. In terms of the solar rights law, it is illegal for the HOA to ban you from installing a solar panel system without good reason. So, if you want to install solar panels on your house and the HOA tries to stop you, you can act with confidence knowing what the real laws are in your state.

What Does the HOA Have Against Solar Panels?

The Homeowner’s Association can be very picky about the appearance of your house to the point where they’ll try to regulate the practicality of your daily living. Many HOA officials see solar panels as a blight on the neighborhood’s aesthetic, and plenty would argue that’s not a good enough reason to dismiss technology that does nothing but improve your quality of life and lower emissions for a cleaner environment. The HOAs concern is especially not an issue nowadays when newer, more modern solar panel systems can be made to look sleeker and more attractive when installed by qualified professionals.

Why the Texas Government Encourages Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the things that the state government actively supports because solar panels are especially beneficial in Texas where energy usage is at an all-time high compared to the rest of the country. Because of the need for air conditioning in a state that primarily sees direct sunlight as well as being a major state for industrial sites, Texas is one of the top states with the highest energy output. State officials and residents alike are doing their part in improving the situation by normalizing solar panels.

One way the normalization of solar panels is being encouraged in Texas is the acceptance of the federal solar incentive. This allows for reimbursement of a percentage of the cost of your solar installation. This way, more homeowners can afford the cost of their solar panels.

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