Is It Worth It to Install Solar in Texas?

Are you a Texan wondering if it’s worth it to install solar panels on your rooftop? There’s a reason why solar panels are becoming more popular, and you’ll find that Texas homes in particular greatly benefit from them. Solar Bear Dallas is here to tell you why it’s worth it to install solar in Texas!

Does Texas Provide a Good Environment for Solar Energy?

As you might have already expected, solar panels work best in places that see the most sunlight. Texas is actually one of the top states for installing solar, given that it has some of the most direct sunlight exposure. In fact, the sun shines bright in the state for two-thirds of the year! This means that Texas provides the best conditions for solar panels to thrive without a shadow of a doubt.

The Cost of Solar in Texas vs The Amount of Savings

Part of estimating the worth of any product is determining the cost versus the return on investment. While the pricing of solar panels depends on a handful of factors such as your energy usage, the size of your home, and the number of panels that you need, the fact remains that you can qualify for a federal tax incentive for your solar panel installation of up to 30%.

In Texas, the average amount of savings from this incentive is around $9,000! Depending on the cost of your solar panel installation, you could be free of energy-related payments with a payback period of as soon as 10 years. And once your panels are completely paid off and you eliminate your energy costs, you could be pocketing an average of $130 a month or $1,500 a year!

The Effect of Solar Panels on Texas Property Value

The amount of savings that solar panels bring to the table makes them a desirable asset to anyone looking to buy a house. So not only will you be increasing your chances of selling your home sooner than later, but you can also add your solar panels to your listing price. Depending on your setup, your solar panels can add nearly $12,000 to your final total.

Bottom Line

Texas ranks fifth in the entire country for the highest amount of energy usage. Having solar panels installed on your home can help reduce the state’s overall carbon footprint while saving you money. There is really nothing to lose, and only so much to gain. As long as you go with the best contractors in your area, you can be set for life!

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