7 Reasons Texas Is Popular for Solar

Property owners in Texas are at a huge advantage when it comes to solar panel systems in so many ways. Increased sun exposure, local incentives, and other factors make this state among the best for going solar compared to other parts of the country. The experts at Solar Bear Dallas are here to show you the many reasons why Texas is popular for solar panels.

1. Texas Sees More Sunlight Than Most Other States

Every part of the country is different, and that means there are states that rarely see direct sunlight throughout the year which makes it nearly impossible to benefit from solar energy. Texas, on the other hand, is one of the top states (next to Arizona and California) that sees direct sunlight during most of the year regardless of the season.

2. Your Solar Panels Are Protected In Texas

Many states fight back and forth on whether or not solar panels should be allowed or banned for various reasons. Homeowners will invest in a solar panel system just for local laws to make them tear it all down. Texas understands the benefits of solar energy which is why the solar rights law exists to prevent any authoritative group like the HOA from trying to regulate the presence of solar panels in the neighborhood.

3. Energy Usage Is Higher Than Average In Texas

Exposure to direct sunlight for 70% (or more) of the year is good news for your solar panels, but that also means people are using their air conditioners more than the average American. AC usage in any state is typically the top reason for high energy usage and everyone knows how hot it can get in Texas. Even outside of residential areas, industrial facilities account for over half of all energy usage with the state being the main location for many producers and distributors.

4. You Can Help Preserve Your Home State

When you cut down on fossil fuels and energy from the main power grid, you are playing a major part in reducing emissions in Texas. With so many factories active night and day, every little bit helps in promoting a cleaner environment for all who live in your beloved home state.

5. Texas Endures Frequent Power Outages

High energy usage usually leads to frequent power outages, and that’s especially true in Texas. Every time the power goes out, it inconveniences everyone in one way or another. Food can spoil, productivity will drop, and people trying to enjoy their day won’t be able to indulge in their favorite pastimes that require electricity. However, a solar panel system paired with a storage battery will act as a backup source of electricity during these common outages.

6. Homeowners Can Increase Their Property Value

People from out of state are already tempted to move to Texas for the large, gorgeous housing at a lower price than what they’re used to. And since the average price for housing is lower, many of these potential buyers will gladly pay extra for a home with solar panels pre-installed as an easy way to save money in the long run. If you’re looking to sell your home in Texas, getting solar panels installed is a great way to increase your property value while practically guaranteeing a sale.

7. Get Free Energy After Your Payback Period

After only a few short years of paying off your solar panels, you will get to enjoy true free energy. You will no longer be affected by fluctuating utility costs because your home will be completely self-sufficient as long as your panels have access to the sun!

Get the Best Solar Panels In Texas!

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