Is It Harder to Sell a House with Solar Panels?

Do you plan to sell your house at some point, whether it be now or sometime in the future? You may be wondering if it’s harder to sell a house with solar panels already installed. You’ll be glad to know that solar-powered properties benefit both the buyer and the seller for mutual satisfaction. Solar Bear Houston is here to walk you through the process of what it’s like to sell a house that’s built to support solar energy.

How Solar Boosts Your Property Value

Solar panels are an investment, and all investments can be cashed out when the time is right. All it takes to get the most value out of your solar system is to go with top-quality panels and keep up with regular maintenance. Solar panels are already a low-maintenance asset, but putting in a bit of extra work to make them more appealing (like clearing off the dust) will make them more desirable on the market. Depending on the situation, you can tack on as much as $15,000 to your home’s original property value!

What Home Buyers Think of Solar Panels

How does it feel to buy a home with solar panels already installed? The idea of a house generating its own source of electricity without needing to pay any electric bills is extremely enticing to any home buyer which is why most people will gladly pay the extra sum. In fact, solar panels are so attractive to the point where they can be used as a major selling point on a property listing, taking the top spot as the main advertised feature. Homes with solar panels tend to sell roughly 20% faster than any other normal listing, and it helps to seek out a realtor who already has experience selling houses with solar panels pre-installed.

Solar Benefits as a Buyer

What are all of the benefits that you receive as a buyer to the point where spending an extra $15k is completely warranted? Solar panels pay for themselves in time in a number of ways and having them come already installed just makes the savings that much easier:

  • Lower or non-existent electric bills
  • A self-sustainable property
  • Minimal or no cost of maintenance
  • Possible tax incentives

Selling Owned vs Leased Solar Panels

While selling a home with solar panels is a no-brainer, selling a home with leased solar panels is a different story. It’s much harder to sell a house with leased solar panels because it makes the transition between seller and buyer much more complicated, and it doesn’t even add any real value to your property to begin with. There’s more paperwork involved, and the buyer would need a qualifying credit score in order to take over the existing lease. Buyers want to own their pre-installed solar panels to immediately see the savings with minimum effort, not take over a rental agreement on top of the main house-buying process. So if you’re going to improve your home with solar panels for greater success in selling it in the future, make sure you buy them from the best solar company in Texas!

Improve Your Home With The Best Solar Panels In Houston!

At Solar Bear Houston, we can boost the value of your property with a high-quality solar panel system with expert installation. We’ll make sure your home is good enough to sell when the time comes by topping it with a solar system that your future buyer won’t be able to resist. Call (727) 471-7442 today for a free estimate!