Does Cooler Weather Affect My Solar Panel System?

As the weather begins to cool throughout Florida you may be wondering if those chilly nights and mornings will negatively impact your solar output. Though a bright, clear sunny day is optimal for your solar panels, like other electronics, heat has nothing to do with it! Solar panels work more efficiently in cooler temperatures. 

Solar panels absorb energy from the sun’s light, not the heat, so even our friends in colder northerly climates can harness the power of solar to power their homes! 

Our technicians at Solar Bear Orlando discuss this concept further, so keep reading…

Key Takeaways 

  • Solar panels work more efficiently in cooler weather. 
  • Solar panels don’t need heat to work, just sunlight. 
  • Fall is a great time to install solar with Solar Bear! 

Cooler Temperatures Equal Increased Output 

It’s true, solar panels work more efficiently in cooler temperatures, allowing the cells to produce more voltage and thus more electricity. As the temperature rises, the panels become less efficient. 

While cooler temperatures can help your solar panels convert more energy from the sun, if you have a racking system you may have to change their direction seasonally to get the most out of the shorter days since the sun is situated lower in the sky during the winter. If not, the tilt of your roof should be sufficient to soak up the sun. 

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Solar Panels Don’t Need Warmth 

Photovoltaic (PV) solar systems don’t need warm weather to create an output of energy, they only need sunlight. PV converts light into electricity and when the sun hits the PV panels, photons of light energy knock the electrons in the solar cells loose. As a result, the electrons become energized and flow in an electrical current. This process is called a photovoltaic effect, and it doesn’t need the sun’s warmth. 

Regardless of the temperature outside, the sun’s rays are always beaming down, and solar panels will generate electricity no matter how cold it gets. It’s when it gets too hot outside where problems arise. 

Energy Production on Shorter Winter Days 

Of course, the days are shorter during the winter, and although this does slightly reduce the amount of time your panels are working at full efficiency, our ample sun in Florida is more than enough to make solar worth it, even on shorter days. 

Advantages of Colder Temperatures

  • Enhances energy production and efficiency 
  • The best-case scenario for solar panels is a bright cold day
  • In cold climates where it snows, sunlight can still penetrate the solar panels and maintain energy production. 
  • Wind chill can help solar panels produce more voltage as it lowers ambient temperature. 

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Keep Your Solar Panels Clean and Clear 

Though we don’t get snow here in Florida that can impact your solar system’s output, you should still ensure that your solar panels are clean and clear of debris such as dirt and leaf debris as much as possible. 

Also, you may want to cut back tree limbs if they are shading your solar system to ensure that your PV system is getting the highest output possible on short winter days. 

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Fall is a Great Time to Install Solar 

Thinking about installing a solar system? Take advantage of these cooler temperatures and integrate a solar panel system into your Orlando home or property before the year ends! You may even qualify for PACE financing and Federal tax rebates. 

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