Do Home Solar Systems Require Maintenance?

A solar panel system is a great investment that can provide you with renewable solar energy for the next 25 years or more. But how are they maintained? Do they require regular tune-ups to stay in peak condition? 

Scroll down to learn the answers to the most common solar power maintenance questions! 

Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels typically require extraordinarily little maintenance to keep running efficiently, but they do need a light cleaning periodically to remove dirt, leaves, and other debris. 

The only time you might need to perform more extensive maintenance is during periods of heavy snowfall (in the Northern states) or if their energy output starts to decrease. 

How Do You Maintain Solar Panels?

If you have tilted panes, you are in luck. Rainfall usually clears away any debris that might have accumulated on them. During a dry season or extended periods without rain, it is important to clean your solar panels manually. We recommend performing solar panel cleaning at least two to four times a year. 

The good news is that cleaning them is simple. All you need is a leaf blower or a quick spray off with a hose. Never use hot water on your solar panels, as they could crack depending on the temperature outdoors. 

Bird droppings are more detrimental to your system than dust or leaves. If your solar array has string inverters or micro-inverters, the bird droppings can impede the flow of current in your panel. If you have trees near your solar system, they will attract birds. Checking your panels regularly for bird droppings, dust, and leaves will ensure that your system is running efficiently. 

Cleaning Ground Panels Vs. Roof Panels 

The only difference between the maintenance of ground-mounted solar panels and roof solar panels is that ground panels are easier to access, therefore easier to keep clean. If you notice any debris building up, you can easily sweep them off with a broom. 

Standard Solar Panel Warranties 

Before going solar, ensure that you have a solid solar panel warranty. Over time, your solar panel’s efficiency will start to decrease, so you will need to have a professional come out to perform maintenance on your system. This can save you thousands of dollars over the years. 

Warranties generally last between 15 and 25 years and guarantee that your solar panels will continue to produce 85% of your energy or above for that entire period. 

Will Extreme Weather Impact Solar Panels? 

Solar panels are designed to withstand all kinds of weather from wind to hail, to snow, etc. They can even survive through the high winds of hurricanes! 

Of course, they are not 100% indestructible and they can suffer damage from hail, lightning, hurricanes, or tornadoes. If you have a good warranty and coverage through your homeowner’s insurance policy, you should be able to have any damaged panels replaced or repaired. 

Heat is the main issue that can have an impact on your solar panels. When the temperature outside is over 90 degrees, they lose efficiency by 1% a degree. Elevating them a few inches from the ground or roof will allow for air circulation to help cool them down and maintain peak efficiency. 

Tampa Bay Solar Panels 

Solar panels are easy to maintain. Just make sure that you have a good warranty and insurance coverage, and maintain the cleanliness of your solar panels, and you will be golden. Your solar panels will continue to operate at peak efficiency and supply you with clean renewable energy for years to come!

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