Fort Myers

Fort Myers

Florida’s Energy Authorities For Ft. Myers And Beyond

We’re here for you, Ft. Myers! At Solar Bear, we are much more than just a solar company. Our team offers expert contracting services in spray foam insulation and renewable energy solutions that will ensure your home is energy efficient at every level.

Solar Bear is on a mission to create a stronger, more sustainable future for Ft. Myers homeowners. If you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint or just want to save money, schedule your free estimate today!

An Easy Process From Start to Finish

We think it’s important to consider solar energy as one element of a larger overall home energy plan that also includes efficient insulation.

When you schedule a free estimate with our team, we will conduct an in-depth home energy evaluation throughout your home. We can diagnose any energy “leaks” that might affect your energy consumption and recommend any solutions to your existing home. With Solar Bear’s wide range of energy saving solutions, there’s savings to be had at every price point!

Solar Panels

the size of your solar system and how much direct sunlight your panels receive will all contribute to how much energy and money you can save on your utility bill.

Why Go Solar?

  • Slash your Electricity Bills
  • Increase Home Equity
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Extend Life on Energy Appliances

Financing Made Easy

Our experts are trained to use every resource possible to get you the best financing available. We also share resources on options like net metering, a process that credits solar energy system owners for the electricity they add to the grid, and tax credits like the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit.

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