4 Key Benefits To Having Your Solar Professionally Installed

We always get excited when we get new people interested in going solar. Many homeowners think they can save money by trying to DIY their solar installation. Still, there are many reasons why we recommend using a professional solar installation company like Solar Bear Orlando to expertly install solar arrays across Central Florida.

We explain four reasons why!

#1. High-Quality Solar Equipment

One of the most important aspects of installing solar is choosing high-quality equipment that will last. Plus, you have to keep in mind how the panels, inverters, and wiring all work together. Is this something that you really want to DIY?

Likely not. Choosing a professional solar installation company is the best choice because we will install high-quality solar panels that you can’t find in your local home improvement store. Not only that, but many solar manufacturers only offer limited warranties on panels that are installed by homeowners.

Having solar equipment installed by a professional contractor is the best way to get a full warranty and ensure that your solar panels are working as efficiently as possible.

The bottom line is that our professionals at Solar Bear Orlando have the expertise to choose the equipment that is best for your home and your energy needs.

#2. Optimizing Solar Performance

Even if you are handy with electrical projects and have access to high-quality panels, your solar panels would likely lag in efficiency compared to the system designed by a professional. At Solar Bear Orlando, we use specialized solar simulation software to help us design the optimal array for your home.

We use information that we gather at your home and combine with with local historical weather data to ensure that your panels are positioned correctly to optimize solar energy production.

#3. Safety

Of course, when working on any electrical project, safety is always a concern. Our trained professionals receive constant training on proper safety protocols to ensure the safety of the entire installation process.

We also carry liability insurance that protects homeowners from accidents and damage during the project. We also offer workmanship warranties on every piece of equipment that we install. 

#4. Permitting Help

The most time-consuming part of installing a solar array is the paperwork, including permitting. Don’t worry. We take care of all the permits and inspections for you, taking the hassle out of the process.

To become operational, all solar systems need to follow:

  • Proper electrical code
  • Local regulations
  • Utility requirements

DIYing a system might not meet these requirements, so why chance it?

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Install Solar with Solar Bear Orlando

We know that DIYing home projects can be a great way to save money, but in the case of solar, we highly recommend going with a professional company. Working with a licensed professional contractor like our team at Solar Bear Orlando gives you access to our knowledge and expertise, giving you peace of mind every step of the way.

Ready to get started? Contact our team at (727) 471-7442 for a quote and let’s get your system installed so you can start reaping the benefits of using the sun’s energy for power!