How Do I Know If My Solar Panels Are Underperforming?

If you’ve taken the leap into green energy by installing solar panels on your roof, congrats! But what if as time goes by, you start to notice subtle changes in your array’s energy production that leave you wondering if your solar panels are underperforming?

It’s a common concern that many homeowners have, but don’t worry, our team at Solar Bear Orlando is here to help!

Let’s discuss some key signs that can help you determine if your solar panels are underperforming, and what you can do to maximize their efficiency and longevity.

How Do I Know if My Panels Are Underperforming?

First, you must understand your solar array’s expected output. You should know the wattage of your system, though it is important to note that your panels will degrade slightly each year.

Also, you can check your electricity bill. If it is spiking, or you feel like you are consuming more electricity than usual, you should get your system checked out.

What Causes Underperforming Solar Panels?

There are a few reasons why your solar panels may be underperforming, including:

#1. Manufacturing Problems

If your solar panels are underperforming soon after their installation, it could be due to issues with the manufacturing of your specific panels. They could have gotten chipped or cracked in production, which could lead to output degradation.

Also, if they were not wired correctly internally, this could cause a decrease in their performance.

#2. Not Enough Sunlight & Shading

Though Florida gets ample sunshine, that doesn’t always mean that your solar panels will perform efficiently if they are shaded by trees, clouds, your garage, home, etc.

An experienced solar installer like ours at Solar Bear Orlando can help assess the shading on your roof, thus mitigating any efficiency issues caused by excessive shade.

#3. Extreme Weather Conditions

Florida is well-known for its extreme weather, be it in summer thunderstorms or hurricanes, and these, you guessed it, can lead to underperformance and damage.

Though solar panels are designed to withstand weather and temperature extremes, it is important to take measures to protect them when a storm is forecasted to ensure that they don’t sustain any damage.

#4. Defects

Just as damage during manufacturing can cause problems with energy output, so can solar panel defects that occur during production, shipment, or installation.

Watch out for:

  • Delamination
  • Induced degradation
  • Snal trails or bird poop

Note: If you notice any kind of electrical issue, it is important to call a reputable solar contractor to fix or replace the panels, as they have the knowledge and experience to do so. Do not try to do any electrical work on your own, as this can be dangerous and can also void your warranty.

We also recommend seasonal maintenance to ensure your panels are producing energy as efficiently as possible.

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