4 Tips For Feeling Confident About Your Solar Purchase

Going solar is an exciting proposition; you’ll save tens of thousands of dollars over time and can make an impact on global climate change. But while exciting, the buying process can be slightly overwhelming for many.

Solar panels are a large investment, and you want to ensure that you are making the right decision, but don’t worry, our team at Solar Bear Orlando is here to help! From choosing a reputable company to buying high-quality equipment, we will guide you on your way to energy independence!

Go solar with confidence when you follow these tips:

#1. Get Several Quotes

You wouldn’t go out and buy just any car or refrigerator, would you? No, you would sit down and try to find the best price that meets your needs. Before installing a solar system, make sure that you compare quotes from several solar companies so you can ensure that you are investing in a quality solar panel system at a fair price.

When reviewing the quotes you receive be sure to consider:

  • The equipment
  • The size of the system
  • The company’s reputation
  • Costs

Although no two solar quotes will be the same, any significant differences in pricing should be looked at a second time. Why such a price discrepancy? Make sure you understand the quote from top to bottom.

#2. Take Advantage of Tax Incentives & Rebates

We understand that many homeowners are wary of installing a solar system due to the overall cost of the system, but it is important to note that there are many tax incentives and rebates that homeowners can take advantage of that will lessen the sting.

The government offers substantial financial incentives at the federal, state, and local levels, which could ultimately reduce the cost of going solar by 50%.

While incentives vary widely throughout the country, federal incentives such as the Solar Tax Credit, are available wherever you live. This credit, known as the Investment Tax Credit or (ITC) allows you to apply 30% of the cost of installing a solar system as a credit on your federal taxes.

#3. Choose a Size That Will Grow With You

Using solar to power your home is one of the best ways to avoid dealing with fluctuations in energy rates from your local utility company.

If your system is sized appropriately, it could support your home’s entire electrical needs, you just have to make a plan for it. If you find that you are generating too much solar power, no problem! You can store that excess energy in your solar battery, or feed it back to the grid with Net Metering.

If you are planning on getting started with Net Metering or running your entire household on solar, just let our technicians know! We will ensure that your solar system is sized accordingly.

#4. Consider Solar Storage

Solar panels only generate electricity when the sun is shining, which is great since we live in Florida! But as noted above, your solar panels may generate more electricity than you use, especially during sunny days, but without storage, you’ll lose it if you don’t find a way to use or store it.

Because of this, solar battery storage is crucial. The best part is that while you store your excess solar energy for when you need it—like a gloomy day or during inclement weather—solar batteries can also power your home and appliances during natural disasters or brown out in the electrical grid.

Go Solar in Central Florida with Solar Bear Orlando

Going solar can feel daunting, but don’t worry, we’ll be by your side every step of the way! From hassle-free quotes to expert installations, our team at Solar Bear Orlando is here to make the process seamless and stress-free!

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