Do Solar Panels Attract Thunder?

If you’re considering making the switch to solar, you likely have a lot of questions. Aside from learning how the panels work and how you can eliminate your electricity bills, one question that may come up when considering a switch to solar is whether solar panels attract lightning and thunder. After all, it’s understandable to be concerned about your home’s safety during a storm. So, if you’re concerned about solar panel safety during a storm, read on to get some peace of mind!

Solar Panels Are Safe During a Storm

Tampa is an area prone to thunderstorms throughout the year, so it’s only natural to be concerned about ensuring your home is fully protected from damaging elements—not just wind and rain, but also lightning and thunder. Some homeowners are hesitant about installing solar panels on their properties, believing they can attract lightning.

Contrary to what some may believe, solar panels do not attract lightning or thunder. In fact, solar panels have been found to be more resilient than traditional roofing materials during severe weather events—in other words, they can provide protection for your home! So, instead of worrying about your solar panels during a storm, you can rest assured that they’re safe and ready to do their job as soon as sunny skies emerge again.

Solar Panel Safety Facts

Solar panels are incredibly safe, no matter the conditions outside. Aside from protecting your roof during a storm, here are some interesting facts about solar panel safety:

  • Solar Panels Have Undergone Many Safety Certifications. One of the main reasons why solar panels are safe to install on your home is that they have undergone numerous safety certifications. Before a solar panel can be sold on the market, it must pass rigorous safety testing to meet industry standards and regulations. These certifications ensure that solar panels are safe and meet specific safety requirements.
  • Solar Panel Installations Are Done by Trained Professionals. Another reason why installing solar panels is safe is that they are typically installed by trained professionals. Installing solar panels requires knowledge of electricity and electrical systems, and most solar panel companies have experienced installers who have been trained to install solar panels safely and properly. You can rest assured that your solar panel system will be set up correctly, minimizing the risk of any safety hazards.
  • Solar Panels Do Not Pose Fire Risks. Contrary to popular belief, solar panels do not pose any fire risks. Solar panels are made of high-quality materials, including tempered glass and aluminum frames, that are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. In addition, most solar panel systems are designed with safety features that automatically shut down the system in the event of a fire. Solar panels are less likely to cause a fire than conventional electrical systems.

Harness Free Energy From the Sun With Solar Energy Systems

There are numerous reasons why solar panels are safe to install on your home. From rigorous safety certifications to trained professionals, solar panels have been designed with safety in mind. By installing solar panels on your home, you not only save money and reduce your carbon footprint, but you also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your solar panel system is safe and reliable. If you’re considering solar panels for your home, don’t hesitate to take the leap—your energy bills and the environment will thank you! Call Solar Bear of Tampa today at (727) 471-7442 to get started.