Can I Grow My Garden With Solar?

Solar energy is a clean, affordable way to power your home. Now more than ever, Florida homeowners are making the switch to solar and saving big money on their electric bills, all while promoting a cleaner, healthier environment.

Most homeowners don’t know that solar energy can be used in some surprising ways, aside from powering the appliances and fixtures you rely on in your everyday life. In fact, solar energy can even help you grow your garden. Whether you choose to fill your garden beds with flowers or crops, you can benefit from solar panels in the garden. Read on to learn how.

1. Solar Energy Can Power Outdoor Lighting

Many Florida homeowners rely on solar-powered outdoor lights to illuminate walkways and other landscape features after dark. Whether you want to highlight all the hard work you’ve put into your flowerbeds, or you want to spotlight a unique landscape feature like a fountain or special ornamental plant, solar energy provides clean power for a full scope of lighting fixtures, all night long.

Solar energy can also be used to power insect repellent lights throughout the night, so you can sleep tight knowing that pests aren’t attacking your garden and feasting on all your hard work.

2. Solar Energy Can Power Grow Lights

Trying to grow crops or plants that aren’t native to your area? Solar energy can power grow lights to help these plants thrive. Many gardeners rely on LED grow lights to provide light to plants that can’t soak up enough from the sun, using various colors to get the desired result, like orange and red lights to stimulate photosynthesis. Solar energy provides clean power for LED lights, so you can optimize growth for both crops and flowering plants.

3. Solar Panels Can Provide Helpful Shade for Crops

The price of produce is higher than ever, so many homeowners across the country are turning to backyard gardens to grow their own fruits and vegetables. Solar energy can help the process in a surprising way—by providing shade that helps crops thrive.

If you install ground-mounted solar voltaic panels to power your home, the best place to plant crops is right below them. The panels provide sufficient shade to ensure your plants don’t get dehydrated. In fact, crops grown beneath solar panels need only half as much water as those that are exposed to full sun. The panels block sunlight, so your crops can soak up moisture instead of losing it to evaporation.

Explore the Many Benefits of Switching to Solar

Switching to solar energy to power your home comes with many surprising benefits. Not only is an investment in solar energy good for your wallet and the environment, but it can also help you grow a more fruitful garden. Want to learn more about all the benefits you’ll enjoy when you switch to solar? Reach out to the solar experts at Solar Bear of Tampa today at (727) 471-7442 and find out how easy and affordable it is to make the switch!