Will Installing Commercial Solar Disrupt My Business?

With Florida being a leader in solar power, businesses can take advantage of this energy source and save thousands each year. But installing commercial solar power can be an intimidating decision for business owners due to the cost associated with it.

Our pros at Solar Bear Orlando explain how installing commercial solar power can impact your business. Let’s get started!

Commercial Solar Power

As businesses in Florida continue to explore more sustainable and cost-effective energy sources, many are considering the option of commercial solar power. With an array of benefits ranging from lower utility bills to tax incentives, installing commercial solar is becoming increasingly attractive for businesses both large and small.

The decision to switch to a cleaner energy source, however, does come with certain considerations. For example, you’ll need to evaluate the size of your business’s roof or land area as well as the cost involved in the installation. Additionally, it may be necessary for you or your staff to learn how to properly maintain and operate the system once it has been installed on your property.

Some of the benefits of installing solar at your business include:

#1. Reduced Operating Costs

No matter its environmental impact, the decision to go solar as a business is most often about saving money on long-term operating expenses. Think about how great it would be to offset some of your overhead by using the power of the sun. Sounds nice, right?!

Today, photovoltaic panels are more affordable and accessible than ever before, allowing organizations the opportunity to own a power-generating asset, rather than having to rely on public utilities.

By installing a commercial solar system, companies can also increase their property value with a clean source of energy.

#2. Less Reliance on Public Utilities

Having solar power to rely on, businesses will become less reliant on public utility suppliers for all their energy needs.

This has numerous benefits, especially during power outages. But it is important to know that in the event of an outage, grid-tied commercial solar systems will be forced to go offline if excess electricity can no longer be fed safely back into the grid.

For this reason, many companies are including battery backups in their solar installation projects.

  • Smart Power Management: In addition to emergency preparedness, solar and PV storage systems can help businesses control their energy production and use throughout the day. To help save money, smart management systems allow the company to use stored power both overnight and during periods when utility energy is billed at a higher rate. Smart!
  • Advantages Over Gas-Powered Generators: When compared to traditional gas-powered backup generators, solar panels, and PV backup storage systems eliminate the need for ongoing fuel deliveries. Instead, the air pollution, excessive noise, and upkeep costs that are typically associated with backup generators can be replaced with clean, emission-free solar-powered systems.

#3. Lessen the Environmental Impact & Brand Image

In addition to lowering your business’s carbon footprint, installing solar panels will create an overall greener brand image. As you know, environmental friendliness is becoming more important today. 

If you can show that your business is committed to helping the environment, you will attract new customers that share similar values.

Will the Installation of Solar Disrupt My Business?

You’re likely thinking, well this is great! There are so many benefits to installing solar. But what about the installation itself? Will it disrupt my company’s daily operations? No. We work hard to ensure that it won’t!

We know how annoying disruptions can be to any business whether it is a restaurant, office space, or in the industrial realm. This is why we work efficiently to ensure a timely installation with the least disruption to your business operations as possible.

Depending on the scope of your solar installation, the installation process itself can take a week or two, with minimal disruptions. Again, this depends on the size of your project. Some smaller commercial projects for office spaces or restaurants can be completed in under a week.

Power Your Business with Solar Energy

If you are on the fence about installing solar panels in your commercial space, it’s time for your business to take part in the solar revolution! From reduced energy costs and less reliance on utility companies to a smaller carbon footprint, there are many benefits for businesses choosing solar.

Get powered up! Contact Solar Bear Orlando for a commercial solar quote today at (727) 471-7442!