Can You Install Solar If You Have A Flat Roof?

Homeowners with slanted roofs might not think twice about installing solar panels, but those with flat roofs on their property may wonder if collecting solar energy is even practical for their situation. Today, the experts at Solar Bear Dallas are here to inform you of whether you can install solar if you have a flat roof, and if it’s even worth it.

The Short Answer: Yes!

Solar panels can technically be installed on flat roofs, but there are some ups and downs. The good news is the downsides can be easily overcome with the right equipment and professional help. To get a couple of the cons out of the way, a solar panel that’s laid completely flat might not see as much sun as a solar panel that’s been angled upward. Since the sun moves from east to west, it’s entirely possible that your upward-facing panel might not get direct sunlight. Another concern is that your flat panels will be more prone to collecting dust and pools of water which can either damage the tech inside or decrease your solar-collecting efficiency. However, there is a very simple way around these issues that can actually make flat roofs more advantageous than slanted-roof setups in many ways, and the answer is in tilted mounting equipment.

The Benefits of Solar Panels On A Flat Roof

With the help of tilted mounts, a flat roof instantly goes from being at a clear disadvantage to being an open canvas where you have the means to get creative. You can turn your solar panel system into whatever you want it to be.

Choose Your Orientation

Tilted mounts on a flat roof give you the advantage of choosing the best angle for your solar panel in receiving the highest possible energy output for your location. This is a clear benefit over tilted roofs where your only option is to point your panels in whatever direction your roof allows. Tilted mounts can even be adjusted higher or lower depending on the current season.

Easier Installation

Certain accommodations need to be made on a tilted roof as you and your tools are prone to sliding off if you’re not careful. Meanwhile, installing solar panels on a flat roof can be as easy as walking on the ground and you don’t need to pay careful attention to where you set down your tool bag.

Visual Appeal

Solar panels already have the potential to increase your property value, but panels installed on a flat roof can further help your case. Since they’re not as easy to see from the street, you can maintain the visual appeal of your home or commercial building while still getting in on solar energy.

Getting the Best Solar Panel Installation In Dallas

Have a flat roof? No problem! Call the solar experts at Solar Bear Dallas at (727) 471-7442 for a free estimate on quality solar panels and how you can maximize your solar energy output regardless of the type of roof you have. Tilted or flat, we’re the best company in Texas for hooking you up with the means of obtaining optimal solar power!