How Many Hours Can a Solar Battery Last?

When you install a home solar battery, what you are doing is providing your home (and yourself with peace of mind) with a backup energy reserve in case of a power outage.

That’s the beauty of pairing a solar battery with solar panels; you’ll always have power when you need it, even if your neighbors are out of power right next to you.

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What is a Solar Battery

Solar batteries are devices that you can add to your solar power system to store the excess electricity that is generated by your solar panels.

You can then use that stored energy to power your home at times when your solar panels don’t generate enough electricity for your home’s needs, including cloudy days, at night, or during a power outage.

How Long Can a Solar Battery Power a House?

Without running an air conditioner or heater, a 10-kWh solar battery can power the basic operations of your house for a least 24 hours, but even longer with careful electricity budgeting.

When paired with solar panels, a solar battery can provide more electricity because the solar panels will generate power once the sun is out and shining. 

Ultimately, how long you can power your home with solar battery storage will vary depending on your home and these three things:

  • #1. Your battery storage capacity
  • #2. The output of your solar system
  • Your electricity needs

Home Battery Capacity

Capacity is the amount of energy that a solar battery can store. It is one of the main factors that influence how long a battery can power your home during an outage.

Solar battery storage capacity is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh) and can vary from just 1-kWh or over 10-kWh. Multiple batteries can be combined to enhance capacity, but a 10-kWh battery is typical for most homes.

Solar System Output

The beauty of a solar battery and solar panels is that you essentially have your own miniature utility to power your home if there is bad weather or an outage.

Solar panel systems are measured in kilowatts (kW) which represent the amount of energy that the system can produce during an hour of peak sunlight. A 5-kW solar system can produce 5 kWh of electricity each hour in ideal conditions.

The average number of peak sunlight hours per day in the United States varies from 3.5 to 5.5. Multiply the system capacity by sunlight hours and then by 0.75 (the performance ratio) to find your system’s daily output.

For example: If your 5-kW system gets 5 peak hours of sunlight, the equation would be as follows:

5 kW solar system x 5 sunlight hours x 0.75 performance rating = 18.75 kWh per day

In many cases that is more than enough to power essential home electrical systems. But electrical needs vary from home to home, so the exact amount may differ from the above equation.

Electrical Needs

It’s simple. How long your solar battery can run your home depends on how much electricity you use. And how much electricity you use will depend on what appliances and electrical systems you are running.

During an outage, it is recommended to budget electricity to include the most necessary things first, then plan for the remaining capacity.

Your list of priorities may include:

  • Refrigerator
  • Cooking
  • Water heating
  • Lighting
  • TV and device charging
  • Climate control

Climate control is last on the list because using an air conditioner or heater draws a lot of power and if you can live without it for a few hours, it is wise to conserve your solar battery energy.

Are Solar Batteries Worth It?

Weather-related power outages have been on the rise in recent years, so it is best to prepare. If the idea of clean, quiet, and hands-free backup energy that can power your home during an outage sounds like a great idea, then solar and solar batteries are worth it!

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