Top Tips for Choosing a Solar Battery

If you own a solar panel system or are looking into getting one installed, you could benefit from an energy storage battery to get the most out of your collected solar power. But what are they, and which kind are the best? Solar Bear Dallas is here to teach you about what a solar battery can do for you and how to find the right one for your setup.

Why You Need a Solar Battery

What exactly does a solar battery do and why do you need one? When you gather solar energy for the day, any amount of energy that you don’t use typically goes back to the mainline electrical grid. While this can knock a few bucks off your monthly electric bill, a solar battery will allow you to keep the excess energy for later use. This method enables your home to be more self-sufficient for increased savings and fewer emissions for a healthier environment. Any power stored in your solar battery could be used during power outages (assuming your system isn’t connected to the main grid) and at night when your panels are no longer exposed to direct sunlight.

Despite all of these incredible benefits, you shouldn’t just walk into the store and grab any solar battery you can find. There are different kinds and discovering the right one for you will take a little more knowledge but the end result will be well worth it.

Beware of One-Size-Fits-All Solar Batteries

Many new solar panel owners who aren’t sure of what kind of battery to purchase are more likely to go with a style that promises universal compatibility. While it sounds like the safer option, it can actually be more costly and less efficient depending on your setup. Since they’re designed to work with any type of solar panel system, these kinds of batteries tend to pay for them in quality. They typically come with a lower storage capacity and are commonly made with lead-acid technology whereas lithium-ion is the more ideal option. And when your battery is too large or too small for your setup, you’ll notice that it’ll have a more challenging time keeping a full charge or it’ll be unable to meet the energy output demand.

Finding the Perfect Battery for Your Solar Panels

Knowledge is key, and so understanding your property’s average energy usage will give you a guideline for the energy capacity that’s close enough to that limit for the most efficient experience. You’ll also want to look into the lifespan of each brand so you can avoid needing a replacement sooner than you need to. Some brands even offer generous warranties. Learning about the different types of solar batteries can help narrow down your search so you don’t feel too overwhelmed or choose the wrong kind.

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