Is It Better to Have a Battery or Extra Solar Panels?

To solar battery or not, that is the question…we’re pretty sure that is the saying. In most cases, it acts like a solar jackknife to increase energy independence, store energy and further reduce carbon footprints. However, is it better to have a solar battery or simply install additional solar panels to your existing system? Well, it depends on your energy needs. Solar Bear of Tampa explains more below.

Not long ago, solar batteries were insanely expensive and thus, unattainable for the regular joe. This obstacle allowed utility companies to supply energy through their grid stations. But with the rising popularity of solar energy, technology has evolved to produce more affordable and accessible options. Still, the most important questions when considering whether to add a battery to your system are: has your usage increased, and do you have space for additional panels?

Solar Bear of Tampa offers a complimentary energy evaluation that helps you decide which option makes the best sense for your home. In the comprehensive inspection, we review current energy consumption, identify any energy leaks the home may have, and share energy-saving recommendations before installation. If your energy consumption skyrockets after installation, it may indicate that more panels are needed to meet your home’s energy needs. This option is contingent on the available space and budget to do so.

If you are tight on either of the above, adding a battery may be your best option. Not only does it increase energy independence, but it also allows homeowners added security should a power outage or inclement weather occur. The best time to add a battery to a solar energy system would be during the installation phase. This allows homeowners to save on installation costs while also synchronizing financial benefits. Increasing energy accessibility and storage, creating an efficient system, and earning a sizable return on investment may keep you going and going and going.

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