How Efficient Are Solar Panels in Cold Weather?

If we told you that solar panels can actually work better during the winter, you would probably think that we’re lying. After all, how would that even be possible if solar relies on the sun being at its peak? We know this can be a bit confusing, but Solar Bear Dallas is here to help put the truth into perspective!

How Lack of Heat Affects Solar Panels

When it comes to solar panels, you might think that less heat means less effectiveness. Believe it or not, a lack of heat has nothing to do with how well solar panels work. This is because solar panels gather most of their energy from the UV rays themselves whereas heat has nothing to do with it. The cells that are found underneath the panel casing are designed to take in the light so as long as the sun continues to rise, your solar panel setup will continue to generate electricity just like any other normal day.

Cold Weather Prevents Overheating

Does that mean there’s no benefit to cold temperatures when it comes to solar panels? This is another misunderstood fact since solar panels can work better in cold weather. If you think about it, solar panels are made up of electronic parts. Like with most electrics, warm temperatures can cause them to overheat and either slow down or shut off altogether. While solar panels are equipped to handle direct sunlight, they’ve been known to drop a tad under maximum efficiency at over 77 degrees whereas the cold has no negative effects.

Solar Panel Installation During the Winter

Wintertime is actually the best time to get new solar panels installed because it’s easier for contractors to work in the cold than in the smoldering heat of summer. Happy contractors mean a better job, so do your local solar panel company a favor and call them up when it’s cold! Plus, it’ll be nice to have your solar panels ready to go by the time spring rolls around as you’ll likely be using up more energy as it gets warmer. This way, everybody wins!

Is There a Downside to Solar In the Winter?

The only weather condition that would slow down your solar panels would be cloudy conditions which can technically happen any time of year but is most prevalent during the winter. However, there is still a way around this with the help of solar batteries. When the sun is shining bright and your panels gather extra energy, whatever you don’t use can be stored in a solar battery to be used during cloudy days so nothing goes to waste and you’ll almost always have access to solar energy!

Let Solar Bear Dallas Install Your Solar Power System!

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