What Happens to My Solar If the Power Goes Out?

If you own solar panels, you may be wondering whether or not you can still use solar energy during a blackout. It all depends on your particular setup and any extra solar appliances you may be using. Don’t worry, the experts at Solar Bear Dallas are here to teach you what happens to your solar if the power goes out!

Solar Panels on the Main Electric Grid

Most solar panel systems are connected to the local power grid so that your home can still be powered after sundown and so any unused solar energy can be repurposed back into the power lines. However, this means that your solar panels will be affected in the case of a power outage. Why is that, and what can you do to keep your power on during blackouts?

The Grid’s Automated Shut-Off System

Electric grids are designed with an automated shut-off system for when there’s a power outage so that even solar panel networks become unusable. This is meant to function as a safety precaution for when utility workers attempt to fix the power lines, otherwise, there will be a chance of them sustaining injuries from voltage-related accidents. However, there’s a way to be completely free from the grid so these occurrences won’t apply to you.

Using Solar Energy Off the Power Grid

When people imagine solar panels, they think of a completely self-sustaining power source with no repercussions. Although this might not be the case with most basic solar panel systems, this dream is still very possible with the help of solar storage batteries.

How Do Solar Batteries Work?

If your solar panel system is connected to the main electric grid, any extra solar energy that isn’t being used is sent back to the grid which is also known as net metering. You can save money on your monthly electric bill this way, or you can put that excess energy into a solar battery to be used later such as during a power outage. A solar battery allows you to easily (and sometimes automatically) transition from grid power to battery power by disconnecting your solar panels from the main grid.

The Main Causes for Power Outages

What would cause your home to lose power in the first place? There are many different causes for power outages, some of them intentional but most of them out of anyone’s control. Examples include:

  • Intense weather conditions such as lightning, high winds, and rainfall.
  • Damaged poles and power lines from car accidents and other sources of impact.
  • Scheduled routine maintenance by the electric company.
  • Other uncommon reasons such as wildlife activity.

No matter the reason, you could continue to live in a powered home during an outage with the right solar panel setup installed by expert solar contractors near you.

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