What Should I Do with Unused Power from My Solar Panels?

Feeling a little extra with all that unused power from your solar panels? Solar Bear of Tampa can help with that. As more and more people turn to sustainable ways to produce electricity, one of the most common options is a solar generator system like solar panels. But if the panels are producing more electricity than you are using, where does it go? Can it be used elsewhere? Solar Bear of Tampa shares a few bright ideas.

Generally, the efficiency of your solar panel system will determine how much sunlight can be converted into electricity. The system will then produce the precise amount of energy required to power your household. However, there are times of the year when panels may overproduce, leaving you with more energy than necessary. The good news is that the excess isn’t lost and can be used in different ways. After fulfilling your home’s electric loads, any excess energy can be fed back to the utility grid that it is connected to. Fueling the grid with this clean solar energy alleviates the load on local electricity. This can benefit all residents in your community with additional savings!

Net metering is another way to take advantage of excess energy production. With this program available through your utility company, any unused solar energy is converted to bill credits that you may use at your discretion. Most tend to use them during winter months, when sunny conditions can be rare. Currently, all of Florida’s investor-owned utilities, Florida Power & Light (FPL), Duke Energy Florida, Tampa Electric Company (TECO), and the Florida Public Utilities Corporation, offer this program to their customers.

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