8 Benefits of Installing Solar Attic Fans

Maybe you’ve never heard of solar attic fans, but they’ve been proven to improve the quality of your home. They are especially useful in Texas, where the temperature is hotter than average and utility bills are at an all-time high. The Solar Bear Houston team is here to show you all of the incredible benefits that solar attic fans have to offer!

1. Reduces the Heat in Your Home

Solar attic fans utilize solar energy to suck out the hot air in your attic and replace it with cooler air. The result is a much more refreshing environment to enjoy during hotter months. These fans also help with humidity, which is a common issue in Texas homes.

2. Lowers Your Energy Bill

Since solar attic fans help regulate colder temperatures in your home, it also relieves the pressure on your AC unit by causing it to work less than usual. Since HVACs take up most of your energy usage, you can expect a good chunk of your electric bill to be taken out of the equation.

3. Cheaper Than Replacing Your AC Unit

If you are experiencing problems with your air conditioning unit, having a solar attic fan installed can be a much cheaper solution than getting your HVAC completely replaced. It is possible to rely on your attic fan to do most of the work while your AC runs at minimum capacity.

4. Tax Credit Eligibility

Thankfully, there are solar-related federal tax incentives available that can cover as much as up to 30% of your solar attic fan installation costs. Incentives are always changing, but you can ask your local solar panel company for more information on current programs.

5. Prevents Mold and Deterioration

Since solar attic fans help reduce humidity, that also means you’ll have less moisture invading your home. Moisture is a fast track toward mold and deteriorating walls, so fans act as a way to preserve the sanctity of your home’s structural integrity and your personal health.

6. Easy to Install

Getting solar attic fans installed isn’t an all-day process. Since they don’t require a complex system of wires and hookups, the lack of necessary assembly means that you can have your fans installed in as little as a couple of hours.

7. Promotes An Eco-Friendly Environment

The fact that solar attic fans use solar energy and promote lower energy usage makes them a wonderful eco-friendly tool for shaping a better environment. Many products claim to be “green” while hiding behind gimmicks or deceptive fine print, but these fans have no reason to be misleading, since they actually work as intended.

8. Withstands Texas Weather

Texans understand how difficult it can be to deal with intense weather conditions like extreme heat and humidity as well as the occasional storm and hurricane gravitating from the coastline. Solar attic fans have been known to stand their ground in the midst of these occurrences so you don’t have to worry!

Ask Solar Bear Houston About Solar Attic Fans!

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