Best Battery Types for Solar

What happens to the solar energy that you don’t use throughout the day? Rather than letting it go to waste, many solar panel owners invest in batteries to store their extra solar power. But before you go walking into the store to pick out the first battery you see, you should know that there are various kinds available, each with different qualities and purposes. Solar Bear Houston is here to inform you of the best battery types for your solar panel system.

Lead Acid Batteries

As the first type of solar storage battery, lead acid batteries are the most common because many people have already relied on them for many years. They’re cheap to produce, which makes them the most cost-effective option (yet another reason for their popularity). As a bonus, these types of batteries can easily be recycled, so there’s minimal harm to the environment. These batteries actually come in two different formats: Flooded lead acid and sealed lead acid.

Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

● Requires water replacement

● Needs to be vented occasionally

● No maintenance needed

● Lower performance

Lithium-Ion Batteries

In what almost felt like an overnight phenomenon, lithium-ion batteries have gained rapid popularity during the past couple of years. A big reason for this is the standardization of all-electric vehicles in the car industry. Many EVs utilize lithium-ion batteries because of their long lifespan with little to no required maintenance. If things keep up, lithium-ion batteries are looking to be the new norm in the near future, especially in the world of solar panels.

Nickel-Cadmium Batteries

Although nickel-cadmium batteries aren’t as popular as the first two options, they’re still a viable choice for storing solar energy. This is because they can work without needing a complex management system, and they can withstand extreme temperatures. It would be rare to find this kind of battery installed in a residential home, but nickel-cadmium batteries are an excellent choice for large-scale operations.

Flow Batteries

Flow batteries are a rather new option that hasn’t been heard of by many people yet. This kind of battery is water-based and involves liquid movement between two chambers. This modern and intuitive take on battery storage comes with plenty of benefits that are hard to pass up. They have the longest lifespan, require minimal maintenance, and are fire retardant for added safety. And with a maximum depth of discharge, you can completely use up the battery without causing any wear and tear. But with the high cost of flow batteries still being a fresh invention, it’s mainly used for larger establishments. But in time, maybe we’ll see flow batteries adapt to become more practical for residential use.

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