TECO And Net Metering – How to Connect Your Solar

Tis the season! The season of net metering, that is. If you are ready to begin your net metering journey as a TECO customer, Solar Bear of Tampa can help you connect your home seamlessly.

The first step to solar independence is to have our team perform a complimentary energy audit that will assess your home and its electrical needs. During that time, we will also review variables like your monthly electricity usage, shading or other obstacles, roof direction, and location so we can determine the best solar panel setup for your home. Once setup and installation are completed, you are on your way to effortlessly earn financial incentives.

Upon your system’s installation, owners must then complete an application and interconnection agreement. Note that it may take up to 30 calendar days of receipt to receive approval. TECO must perform and approve this inspection, which also includes the installation of an acceptable disconnect switch.

Once net metering has begun, your monthly billing statement will include a Total Used column that displays your kilowatts (kWh) delivered, also known as the amount of electricity delivered to you from TECO’s grid. It will also include any kWh received from TECO’s grid. To help customers identify the various readings on the bi-directional meter, you can use the Smart Meter Guide and Non-Smart Meter Guide. This meter will then track the electricity sent and taken from the grid. Any excess electricity will be sold to TECO’s grid and either deducted from your monthly bill or credited toward a future bill based on your current retail energy rate.

If you are interested in learning more about net metering for your home, speak with our team of experts at Solar Bear of Tampa. Call us at (727) 741-7442 or schedule your free estimate online today.