Which Appliances Should I Run on Solar Panels?

Everyone knows that you can save money on electricity by switching to solar power, but where exactly can you put that energy to effective use? Light fixtures and fans are a given since they require minimal energy and will barely dip into your solar reserves, but you can also use that energy to power other household appliances. Solar Bear Houston will show you which appliances can be run on solar panels so you can experience a smaller electricity bill.

Running Your Kitchen on Solar

The kitchen is where solar energy really shines. This is one part of the house that uses a great deal of electricity and so having solar power to back you up really makes a difference in this single room.


Your fridge likely uses up the most electricity out of everything else in your kitchen. Therefore, it’s essential to have a storage bank for your solar panels that your fridge can draw energy from. Having a setup like this can save your food from spoiling during a surprise power outage.

Electric Stoves

Electric stoves also consume a lot of energy, but solar power can still be useful here with the help of a storage bank and the right power converter. During emergencies, you can bulk up on meals by cooking multiple dishes at once to further conserve your solar energy since you’ll use up more electricity the longer you have the stove on.


As long as you have a power converter with a higher wattage than your microwave, you can survive off of microwavable meals using only solar energy. You can set it to low power to save your solar reserves, and owning an energy-saving microwave also helps.

Powering the Laundry Room

While the ability to cook and preserve meals is no doubt a necessity, being able to do laundry is also essential. Washing machines in particular consume a great deal of energy, especially when using warm or hot water. Thankfully, you can utilize your solar panels to cut costs when washing your clothes. Your dryer can also use solar energy, although it doesn’t require as much as the washing machine. And of course, you can always look into energy-efficient dryers to cut down on energy usage even more.

What About My AC?

The air conditioner is perhaps the #1 culprit when it comes to energy usage, but it’s nothing that solar panels can’t handle. For a central AC unit at 3500 watts, it would only take around 15 solar panels at 250-300 watts each to run your system completely on solar power. A setup like this can cut your electric bill down by nearly half! You just need to find the right contractors for the job to really see the benefits come to fruition.

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