7 Ways to Maximize Your Solar Savings

Most people who invest in solar panels do it for lower energy bills. It’s true that simply owning solar panels can save you money, but did you know that your actions could save you even more? Your pals at Solar Bear Dallas are here with a few tips and tricks for maximizing your solar savings.

Evaluate Your Current Energy Usage

The first thing you should do is hire a specialist to visit your home and evaluate your current energy usage. They’ll be able to tell you where you’re spending the most energy, how many solar panels you’ll need to make up for it, and ways to cut back on your usage. Gathering this vital information will help you save so much more when using solar energy.

Invest In an Energy Storage Bank or Battery

Getting a battery pack or any kind of energy storage unit is practically essential when it comes to making the most out of your solar panels. Any solar energy that is gathered but not currently being used can be stored away for later so nothing goes to waste.

Prioritize Daytime Energy Usage

Whenever possible, try to use your appliances during the day when your solar panels are in direct contact with the sun. This will save you from wear and tear on your battery after sundown when your solar panels are not active.

Use Your Appliances Responsibly

Home appliances take a great deal of energy, and running multiple machines at once can take a toll on your whole system. Make it a point to decrease the number of times you use each appliance and only run one machine at any given time.

Clean Your Solar Panels Regularly

Many homeowners make the mistake of believing that you can set and forget solar panels and expect them to work the same as they did when they were brand new. Being on the roof, solar panels are very likely to collect dust over time which can affect how well they collect solar energy. If your panels aren’t able to see the sun, it only makes sense that they won’t be able to gather a decent amount of UV rays.

Get Your Solar Panels Checked Annually

For the most part, solar panels require minimal maintenance. However, it’s still a good idea to get them checked at least once a year in case any repairs need to be made. Sometimes, you won’t know that your panels aren’t working at max capacity unless you get an expert to look into them.

Prevent Air Leaks with Good Insulation

No matter how great your solar panels are, having a poorly-insulated home can still cause your AC to work overtime and use up more of your solar energy than what’s needed. Spray foam insulation provides the best seal to prevent air leaks into your home.

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