What Are Organic Solar Cells and How Do They Work?

You most likely know what solar panels are, but did you know that they come in different materials? Most solar panels are commonly made of silicone, but scientists have been perfecting organic solar cells as an improved alternative. If you’d like to learn more, Solar Bear Dallas put together this basic guide to help you understand the concept of organic solar cells and how they work.

The Composition of Organic Solar Cells

Typically, you wouldn’t think to include organic compounds in a device made for electrical usage. In a way, organic solar cells defy logic by utilizing natural components for a more effective product. To be more specific, organic solar cells are made up of carbon-based materials and organic electronics in order to absorb photons of a higher energy level thus leading to increased voltages. The absorption process is done through dyes that are incorporated within the cells which activate when exposed to light. The electrons that are released are then converted into the energy that we use to power our devices.

Organic Solar Cells vs Traditional Solar Panels

To put it simply, traditional solar panels are made of silicon while organic solar cells are a mix of organic and inorganic materials. But what does that mean in terms of generating energy? Silicone-based solar panels are already great at doing their job, but organic solar cells are lighter and more flexible which allows them to be considered for more practical use such as portable devices as well as permanent installations. Not only that but organic solar cells have also been proven to be much more cost-efficient due to their thin design which doesn’t require nearly as much to produce.

What Are Organic Solar Cells Used For?

If you consider the fact that organic solar cells are thin, flexible, lightweight, and can be made to be transparent or in any color, you can imagine their usefulness in countless aspects. Many companies have already been incorporating these cells into their products such as in electric vehicles or buildings that are frequently exposed to the sun. These cells are also extremely useful in portable devices that are commonly used in places that are void of an available power source such as out in the wilderness where campers may find a place to spend the night. With boundless possibilities, the limit to organic solar cells is entirely up to the creative minds of the future. But we can all agree that they have incredible potential, and we are already off to a great start.

Ask Solar Bear Dallas About Organic Solar Cells!

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