Make the Most of Your Airbnb Property with Solar Panels

Owning an Airbnb comes with a great deal of utility and maintenance costs in order to keep your business running. Because of this, many business owners found the answer to their financial woes in solar panels. Solar Bear Houston would like to inform you of the many ways that the simple act of installing solar panels can improve your Airbnb property.

Maximize Profits by Cutting Down Energy Costs

After installing quality solar panels, you’ll see a noticeable difference in your monthly electric bill. As long as you go with a good brand and have them installed appropriately, your new solar panel setup could save you up to 50% on energy charges. Running an Airbnb comes with a lot of expenses, so the savings you accumulate from lower energy usage can end up paying for your amenities, repairs, listing fees, and so on. The sooner you get solar panels installed, the sooner you can start racking in the savings!

Attract Guests by Accommodating Electric Vehicles

All-electric vehicles are rapidly becoming the norm as time flies, but those who own these types of vehicles tend to worry about their battery levels when it comes to traveling great distances. Since charge stations are a priority for such individuals, any Airbnb that doesn’t offer them is immediately crossed off their list. Keep your business an available option for everyone by installing solar panels and hooking them up to an electric vehicle charge station setup.

Build a Positive Reputation for Your Airbnb

Did you know that installing solar panels can influence your customer base? Some guests exclusively look for Airbnbs that have made an effort to go green because they value the earth’s health to a high degree. People tend to hype up businesses that go green so reviews for your business are more likely to be very positive ones. For some online platforms, you may even receive a special badge on your listing for being more environmentally friendly which tends to catch the eyes of those looking for the best Airbnb choices to stay at.

Combat Excessive Thermostat Usage

When staying at a place that isn’t their own, some guests tend to make themselves feel more at home than if they were actually in their own homes. One of the most common occurrences involves leaving the air conditioner on at all times, even while they’re out exploring the town. This can be troublesome for most Airbnb owners since AC usage is one of the biggest culprits in high energy output. A proper solar panel setup can negate instances of poor AC practices on behalf of your guests.

Upgrade Your Airbnb with Solar Bear Houston!

If your Airbnb is located in Houston or anywhere in the surrounding area, Solar Bear Houston will gladly come down to your business and hook you up with the best solar panel setup for your property. We’ll send a contractor out to inspect the building and offer you a personalized solution to maximize your energy savings. Give us a call at (727) 471-7442 to get started on a free estimate!