The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Solar Panels

If you are interested in installing solar in your home or business, you might have heard the term “hybrid solar panels” during your research. What does that mean? Well, it essentially means that when you have a hybrid system it allows you to source energy from the grid if your panels don’t generate enough electricity to power your home.

Our solar pros explain more below!

What is a Hybrid Solar Panel System?

A hybrid solar system has all the benefits of a traditional solar panel system, but it has the added benefit of being connected to the grid. Having access to the electrical grid, a solar battery, and your solar panels means that you won’t have to rely on just one energy source.

Further, hybrid solar panel systems aren’t as expensive as you may think. They can save you money in the long run if your city takes part in a net metering program.

Advantages of a hybrid solar system:

  • Greater value
  • Electricity flow is maintained even during a blackout
  • Reduces reliance on the grid
  • Can connect to the grid at night or during cloudy weather

Is a Hybrid Solar System Right for You?

Deciding to install solar panels in your home or business can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, that’s what Solar Bear Orlando is here for. We will help you during the entire process!

Solar is great if you want to:

  • Utilize renewable energy
  • Decrease your energy bill
  • No longer rely solely on the grid
  • Sell back extra solar-generated electricity to your utility company

If this sounds great to you, a hybrid system may be the right choice for you.

Remember, if it is nighttime, overcast, or there is bad weather, your panels won’t be able to convert solar energy into electricity. This is where a hybrid system is beneficial! You can still power your home or business with the electrical grid at night or during overcast days.

How Hybrid Solar Panels are Different

An off-grid solar system and a hybrid system work the same way; they both convert solar energy into DC power through the photovoltaic (PV) effect.

This DC power is then stored in a solar battery or runs to a solar inverter where it is converted to AC power, ready to power your home and appliances.

Both options will cut down on your utility costs, and they both have their benefits. But, if you live in the city of Orlando, you will need to have a grid-tied or hybrid solar system if you plan to go solar.

The Reliability of Hybrid Systems

You will use less electricity with a hybrid solar system, and you will have access to the grid if you need it. While today’s highly-efficient solar panels will maximize the amount of energy that you can produce in a day, a hybrid solar system gives you access to power on the days when the sun isn’t shining.

Also, you can store/sell back your excess energy to further lower your utility costs. If you were completely off-grid, you would not have this option.

The Bottom Line

Hybrid solar systems are becoming the new standard for modern homeowners who want to go green and save big on their electricity bills. Hybrid solar systems give you the best of both worlds—access to solar energy and the grid—making them a solid investment.

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