Can Solar Panels Be Custom-Designed to Fit My Energy Needs?

When most people hear about solar panel setups, they believe that it’s an all-or-nothing commitment. That couldn’t be any falser. Each and every home is built differently, and the unique way you use your energy is the reason why your electric bill is different from that of your next-door neighbor. Therefore, many solar companies will offer a more personal installation to fit your exact living situation. Find out how Solar Bear Houston can provide you with solar panels that are custom-designed to fit your energy needs.

Getting a Performance and Financial Analysis of Solar for Your Home

In order to find out how much energy you use and what your home is able to accommodate, a solar panel specialist will conduct a thorough analysis and identify energy leaks. They will then give you a personalized recommendation based on the amount of remaining energy. A customized solar panel setup will be able to cover the amount of excess energy and save you around 40-80% on your monthly electric bill, all without needing to commit to a full solar setup.

Personalized Recommendations from Your Solar Expert

Receiving a completely personalized solar panel recommendation involves many factors such for the most optimal usage proven by solid results and guaranteed satisfaction. A few examples of things your solar expert will factor into your customized solar recommendation include:

  • How Much Energy Do You Use Daily?

 This includes some things that we don’t regularly think about which take up a great deal of energy, such as refrigerators that run nonstop or using a lot of hot water. But perhaps the worst culprit is your air conditioner which constantly powers on and off throughout the day. T

  • Which Type of Roof Do You Have?

The type of roof your home has, and the way it’s angled, also have a role in how much solar energy your home will be able to gather.

Your recommendation will involve the size and number of solar panels you will need. Once you agree to your recommendation, a site surveyor will come down to your house to figure out the next course of action.

What Does a Solar Site Surveyor Do?

Within 48 hours of accepting your personalized recommendation, a site surveyor will come over to evaluate the scope of the project and inspect your roof to make sure that it’s in a good enough condition to support a solar panel setup. Any obstructions that would block any sunlight from reaching your solar panels will be taken into account and handled accordingly. And of course, you can always feel free to ask the site surveyor any questions you may have regarding the installation. This incredible attention to detail is all part of providing you with custom-designed solar panels for your personal energy needs!

Get Started on Your Personal Home Solar Setup!

At Solar Bear Houston, we do all of the above and more, in order to give you a personalized solar panel experience that feels instantly rewarding. We do our best to schedule around what’s convenient for you, and we take care of the extra details, such as handling your permit process and setting up your phone app, so all you have to do is sit back and relax! Call us today at (727) 471-7442 to get started.