Here’s Why You Should Install Double-Duty Solar for Your Business

If you purchased a toaster oven that can also be used as an air fryer, you already know how to maximize double-duty technology. So why not take advantage of the double duty that solar energy can offer? Solar Bear of Tampa shares why you should consider installing double-duty solar for your business and what it entails.

When most people imagine solar energy, they tend to think of the infamous rooftop panels. These are indeed the most popular type of solar installation. However, this method may not always be feasible for businesses due to their small footprint or because of strict lease agreements. Double-duty installations are rapidly growing because of their versatility and adaptability to tighter spaces.

After an initial energy evaluation to determine weak rooftop sun exposure levels and any obstructions, a solar company may recommend this installation method. These setups are structural ground mounting systems that offer a secondary function, such as a carport or pergola, that can provide shade or shelter from weather elements while producing solar energy.

You may decide to utilize a current structure and retrofit a solar installation on top for a more cost-effective solution. Clients may choose this type of installation for a more seamless architectural integration. However, for some clients, building a brand-new structure can accommodate the addition of solar panels more effectively. By customizing the design, you ensure that it is sized appropriately to fit the desired number of panels and that it is in an ideal location. Whichever option you choose, confirm with a solar installation company that the structure is stable and sturdy enough to withhold the system’s weight.

Florida currently offers several financial incentives that can significantly offset double-duty installation costs. Through exemptions like the Solar and CHP Sales Tax Exemption and net metering programs, business owners can optimize their investments.

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