9 Industries That Benefit Greatly from Commercial Solar

Many residential homes have solar panels installed to help promote a greener environment while saving money on electric bills, but did you know that commercial buildings can also benefit from solar energy? In fact, many industries have adopted solar panels as an essential part of their building’s structure because it almost seems irresponsible not to utilize solar energy. Here are just a few of the industries that benefit greatly from commercial solar, put together by your friends at Solar Bear Houston:

1. Educational Facilities

It can be difficult for some schools to gain adequate funding, but solar panels can help with saving money that can be put back towards the student’s educational needs like books and sports equipment. Solar energy can also keep the power going during an outage, so courses won’t be interrupted.

2. Healthcare Services

Hospital equipment can take up a lot of energy, and it’s crucial to make sure that they receive the power they need to stay up and running. Some machinery involving life support can literally be a matter of life and death but having solar energy on reserve can keep that equipment going for those who are relying on it.

3. 24-Hour Gas Stations and Convenience Stores

Any business that relies on energy 24/7 can save so much money on the electric bill with the help of commercial solar panels. Many customers with hectic or irregular schedules rely on these all-day and all-night services for their basic needs, so making sure that these facilities stay running indefinitely is extremely important. Solar panels act as a reliable backup source of energy to keep gas stations and convenience stores going for those busy bees.

4. Retail Stores

Many big-name retail stores are starting to see the benefit of upgrading to solar energy. Even with limited hours, it takes a great deal of energy to keep the lights running while ensuring that the air conditioner reaches all areas of the building. Not only do solar panels cut costs for such a high demand for energy, but businesses that utilize solar energy tend to receive positive reviews for helping the environment.

5. Manufacturing Companies

No matter what is being manufactured, every factory uses a large amount of energy to run the machines, equipment, and lights. For an extra boost of energy for an efficient facility, solar panels can be used to ensure smooth sailing.

6. The Hotel Business

For all hotel business owners, the safety and well-being of their guests take priority over everything else. If the power goes out, it can cause panic for everyone who is staying the night which can leave a bad impression on them for future reservations. By having solar panels as a backup energy source, you can ensure safety for all of your guests even during a blockwide power outage.

7. Automotive Service Shops

For the average human, it’s impossible for us to handle the weight of a vehicle. This is why auto shops rely on hydraulic lifts whenever they need to work on the underside of a car. On top of that, auto shops use pressure washers and high-powered vacuums to have your car looking good as new. All of this equipment takes a great deal of energy, and so solar panels can ensure that you have the energy you need to keep your business open for the day.

8. Data Storage Facilities

During this modern age, many of us have stopped using physical storage devices in favor of more convenient cloud storage. However, the files that you upload to the cloud are still kept in a data storage facility. These facilities need to be kept up and running around the clock and solar panels can give you the means of uninterrupted energy.

9. Physical Storage Warehouses

Aside from data storage, physical storage warehouses also require nonstop energy in order to preserve all of the items being held inside. This is especially true for cold storage where things need to be always kept at a certain temperature. Again, solar panels can keep that power from being uninterrupted so your goods can stay protected.

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