Here’s How Solar Carports Work in Your Home

Think you are too fast, too furious for solar? You might think differently when it comes to solar carports. Solar Bear of Tampa explains more about this custom-built installation and how it can work in your home.

Also known as a solar canopy, the solar carport is unlike other solar entities. The structure not only provides shade for vehicles but will also generate electricity like traditional rooftop solar installations. However, solar panel carports are unique because they do not require a surface or a roof but rather resemble a ground-mounted solar installation. This installation style allows homeowners to structure their solar carport for optimum production. All solar carports are designed for the PV panels to be high enough off the ground to create enough clearance for parked vehicles. This design also allows for an in-built electric vehicle charging station so customers can top off batteries when cars are not in use. Most solar carports in residential areas are built for a single parking spot though in commercial areas, it’s common to see them strung together in a series to cover an entire parking lot.

With solar carports, the benefits are endless. This installation style allows customers to optimize their valuable real estate while transforming a seemingly unproductive parking spot into an energy-generating machine. Not only is it a more efficient use of space but it also protects Florida’s wide range of elements. Layer all of this onto the foundational premise of solar energy installations that allows for a smaller carbon footprint, energy independence, and financial savings and you have the best of both worlds.

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