Solar Panels and Birds – FAQ

Adding solar panels to your home is an excellent way to gain energy independence while reducing your carbon footprint. But what happens when birds and other critters move in unexpectedly? We know that these critters enjoy nesting in places safe from the elements but how will that affect your solar panels? Solar Bear of Tampa swoops in with some frequently asked questions when it comes to the birds and the p’s (panels, that is).

Do solar panels attract birds?

Yes, for several reasons. Birds tend to nest under panels because they provide warmth and shelter for their young. Additionally, the surface of a solar panel can often attract birds because of its reflective quality, similar to that of a window.

Will birds damage solar panels?

Most solar panel systems have a space between the panels and rooftop to allow for ventilation and wiring. This space also serves as a shelter for birds and other small creatures against the elements. As birds build nests in this space, they may leave droppings, broken eggs, and nest materials underneath. When these accumulate, they block the airflow needed to prevent solar panels from overheating. Add to this an unpleasant smell from those raw materials and you’ve got quite a mess. Bird droppings aren’t just found under solar panels; they may collect on top of them too. It’s important to clean this off immediately as it could hinder the panel’s efficiency.

How can I protect my solar panels from birds?

There are several options for protecting panels from birds and other critters. Materials like wire mesh, roof spikes, plastic predators, and regular solar panel maintenance can dissuade animals from landing near or nesting under panels.

Do solar panels benefit birds?

Believe it or not, they just may. Over two-thirds of the United States’ electricity comes from nonrenewable resources like coal, natural gas, and oil. These materials combust to release pollution that eventually traps a blanket of heat in the atmosphere. This leads to climate change, which has forced many species of birds to find new places to live and feed. Using solar energy reduces carbon emissions that affect birds and other animals.

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. Nope, it’s just a great solar panel system. Contact Solar Bear of Tampa to request a free estimate for your home today.