EV Sales Are on The Rise, Here’s Why You Should Install Solar for Your EV

It seems that there is a new dream team in town: electric vehicles and solar panels. This dynamic duo is taking on the status quo with low monthly electric bills, no vehicle fuel charges and so much more. Solar Bear of Tampa explains why it’s a smart idea to install a solar system for your electric vehicle.

The combination of these two technologies is rapidly growing in popularity across the country. As the cost of grid power continues to rise due to infrastructure and logistics demands, many are turning to solar to cut costs and reduce carbon footprints. Pair that with consumer projections that electric vehicles will account for nearly 30% of all new car sales by 2030 and you can’t deny this brilliant union. Why not take advantage of all the benefits solar energy offers while simultaneously charging your electric vehicle?

However, if you choose to add a solar system to your home before purchasing an electric vehicle, there are a few advantages. The immediate savings from a monthly electric bill can help offset your zero-emissions vehicle purchase. Secondly, the initial solar system installation can include an EV charger and battery storage before any purchases. This setup allows any excess solar energy produced from panels to be stored in a battery that can charge vehicles after the sun has set. Additionally, another great benefit of installing solar is that if more energy consumption is needed, extra panels may be added. During a free estimate, the Solar Bear of Tampa team can recommend the best solar system setup for your home and electric vehicle.

If you are on the fence about going solar, now is the time to schedule an estimate! The Solar Bear of Tampa team can help you lock in solar energy benefits, recommend energy-saving solutions, and assist with financing. Get your free estimate here or call us at (727) 471-7442 for more information.