What Is a Solar Energy Audit and Do I Need One?

Do the blazing rays of summer have you considering installing a solar system? Solar Bear of Tampa can help with that, but a critical first step before installation is performing a solar energy audit. Our team of energy experts explains why this audit is an integral part of any solar system purchase.

A solar energy audit is essential for anyone interested in purchasing a solar system. This comprehensive inspection is a great way to understand your current energy consumption and identify any energy leaks your home may have. After investigating your home for any potential causes of energy leaks, the Solar Bear of Tampa team creates a report that shows what energy-saving recommendations are right for your home. For example, the audit may reveal that adding spray foam insulation to your home or switching out appliances could reduce energy consumption before your solar system is even installed. By making those energy-saving choices now, you can start saving even before a solar system is added to your home.

This is also a great time to determine your home’s average rate of monthly energy consumption. Auditors will review between 6 and 12 months’ worth of energy consumption to show where energy is primarily used in the home and how appropriate adjustments can be made.

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, is safety. During a solar energy audit, a combustion safety testing is conducted. This test examines home heating equipment to determine exhaust leakage, carbon monoxide levels, gas leakage, and cracked pipes that may allow leakage. After review, our team will recommend how to remedy any current leakages and prevent future occurrences.

By performing a solar energy audit, your solar panel installation company demonstrates its due diligence to your home’s energy needs. To schedule your free Solar Bear of Tampa estimate, call us at (727) 741-7442 today!