The Impact of Solar Energy for Future Generations

The world is changing fast. According to a Solar Futures Study that was published by the U.S Department of Energy, we can expect to see rapid changes throughout the energy sector, new commitments to a more sustainable economy, and increased electrification of buildings and vehicles. As exciting as it may seem, what does this all mean for future generations? Solar Bear Tampa takes a look at the impact of solar energy for years to come.

Expect to see positive impacts on the environment and climate change in the near future. Technology improvements like higher efficiency modules will ensure that solar energy continues to be more affordable. These updated systems can generate 1.5 times more power than their predecessors using a technology called tandem silicon cells. This high-performing solar cell is engineered for stability. Other production innovations to look forward to include reduced pricing of silver and silicon, and bifacial modules that allow panels to capture solar energy from both sides.

Some predict that by 2030, solar will become the most valuable energy source for electricity production in large parts of the world. Given that solar energy is incredibly easy to install, flexible to set up, and perhaps above all, cost-efficient, it no doubt will make it unbeatable compared to fossil fuels. Integrating solar into homes, businesses, and power systems will mean an increase in low-cost digital technologies and powered electronics.

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