Lower Your Utility Bills by Switching to Solar

If you have ever considered installing solar panels on your roof, you might be wary of doing so because of the upfront costs involved with the installation of a solar panel system. Don’t worry! The upfront costs will soon be covered because of the money that you will save on your utility bills by switching to solar.

How? Our Solar Bear Orlando team explains four reasons why switching to solar can help lower your utility bills in Orlando.

Lowering Your Electric Bill with Solar

Using solar power in our homes allows us to reduce our carbon footprint while also lowering our electric bills.

Using solar panels instead of relying on the grid or your utility company for electricity can help you cut your electric bill by up to 50% a month.

Using power from the sun is free, but it is important to note that at night or during inclement weather when the sun isn’t out, you will have to rely on the electricity that is provided through your local utility company.

Electric Rates Are on the Rise

Not only are electric rates high right now, but they continue to increase each year. Increases in eclectic rates outpace inflation and wage growth, meaning that everyday Americans are spending an increasing amount of their income on their utility bills.

Since the United States was one of the first countries to build an electric grid, it also means that it needs a lot of upgrading as the years go by. Utility companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year to upgrade their towers, lines, substations, and transformers. 

These costs continue to drive up the cost of electricity, making solar power more enticing than ever. With a solar power system, you can lower your electric bills, plus, solar produces power right where it’s needed, in your home, which can help you avoid costly transmission infrastructure. As grid maintenance costs continue to rise, solar power will provide increasingly attractive returns.

Electric Bills Are Unpredictable

One of the biggest frustrations of being a homeowner in Orlando is the unpredictability of electric bills. Often, increased electricity usage throughout the month goes unnoticed until the bill arrives in the mail, forcing homeowners to make tough budgeting decisions to pay their bills.

With solar power, energy costs are extremely predictable. Many homeowners cover 100% of their energy needs with a solar system, and they will only have to pay a $10-20 service fee for grid maintenance, net metering, and other associated utility costs.

A Smart Way to Cut Costs

Installing smart home systems can also help cut your electric bill by helping you to manage your electricity usage, which is beneficial when you are using solar power.

A smart thermostat, HVAC system, or even LED lighting can help you use as little energy as possible during energy usage times. They can also help you use less power overall.

Just like you might be eligible for solar tax rebates, many states offer rebates and other incentives for buying energy-efficient smart appliances so you can save even more money when you switch to smart technology and solar.

Choose Solar with Solar Bear

If you are ready to harness the power of the sun and take control of fluctuating electrical costs, it’s time to go solar with Solar Bear Orlando! Just think, instead of sending your hard-earned money to the utility company each month, you could install a solar system and keep most of that money in the bank!

What are you waiting for? Schedule a solar consultation with our team at Solar Bear Orlando today; (727) 471-7442!