Here’s How to Tell If You Qualify for Solar

Summer is almost here in Florida. Have you been thinking it’s time to take advantage of those bright rays by adding a solar system to your home? Check out Solar Bear Tampa’s quick checklist to see if your home qualifies for solar.

Do you have adequate land or roof space available?

Because multiple solar panels are needed to power homes and businesses, you will need enough room for installation to qualify for solar. There are several system options available – ground mounts, solar trackers, rooftop panels, etc. Solar Bear Tampa can work with you to design the type of installation that works best for your home.

Are you the property owner?

The freedom to install a solar system falls to the homeowner or property owner of the space that will be purchasing the system. Condominium owners are also considered property owners but will need confirmation that solar systems are approved in their condominium agreement. 

Do you have minimal shading?

Solar panels require sufficient amounts of sunlight to work efficiently. If trees and other structures are not directly affecting the shade on your roof, you can move forward with the solar process. The Solar Bear team can help you decide if tree removal is necessary for

an optimal solar array.

Is your electrical system up to date?

To ensure a smooth solar process, your electrical system should be current and code compliant. If you’re unsure what updates are needed in your attic, electric panel, or wiring, an electrician can confirm this before installation. The cost of any required electrical upgrades for solar installation can be claimed as part of the federal solar tax credit.

If your home meets these foundational requirements, it’s a great time to go solar! Solar Bear Tampa can create a customized solar installation system, help with financing resources, and answer any questions you may have on local and state incentives. Get started with your free estimate today!