How Going Solar Can Cut Down Business Costs

Solar energy is not just for neighborhoods anymore. Florida businesses are beginning to see the light and are now integrating solar into their operations. The Solar Bear Tampa team knows that by cutting energy costs and leveraging government incentive programs, these businesses can cut down their costs significantly. Read on to find out how going solar can reduce or even eliminate business costs.

Energy costs have always been a notable profit-stealing factor for most businesses. With the ongoing popularity of solar energy here in Florida, there’s never been a better time to enhance a business brand image with the addition of solar. Though cost is always at the helm of a business owner’s decision, there are nuances when it comes to short and long-term solar costs. The upfront panel installation can be expensive but because commercial systems vary in size, pricing can too. Many solar companies, like Solar Bear Tampa, offer incentive programs and payment plans that are then offset by the energy savings provided by the system. Most businesses receive more energy savings than their monthly payment costs. Pair this with local and federal tax incentives to save even more!

Since space is a valuable resource, businesses often have several advantages over residences when installing a solar system. Most systems are roof-mounted so a large, flat roof design is ideal. This type of landscape will also assist solar companies when performing their system estimates. Because each system is customized, providers should always work with business owners to determine the best scope, size of the system, and any additional maintenance plans. Solar Bear Tampa provides all of this and can answer any additional questions during our free estimate.

Taking your business solar will not only cut down costs but can also enhance your brand image as an environmentally conscious company. Solar Bear Tampa is here to help! Based in Florida, our team can help you create a solar energy plan that works for your business. Call us at (727) 471-7442 for more information.