Should I Install Solar Panels for My Tiny House?

If you love the tiny house lifestyle, solar panels may be a perfect fit. Of course, with any home investment you make, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. The team at Solar Bear can help you decide if solar panels are the right decision for your tiny house with this comprehensive list.

In most cases, the environmental values of tiny house living and solar panel systems align wonderfully. The most important pro is probably the solar panel’s ability to dramatically reduce electric bills. A small system between 1 and 3 kilowatts can power a tiny house easily. When you pair the small square footage with a Solar Bear solar panel system, homeowners can expect to lower or possibly eliminate much of their electric costs. Also, keep in mind some of these factors that will increase solar savings: a prominent amount of sunlight, net metering programs, high electricity rates, and usage. A terrific return on investment is also on top of the pro list. Most homeowners experience a short payback period, usually 4-9 years in most states after their initial investment. Currently, a 26% federal solar tax credit is available, if installed before the end of 2022. Other pros worth mentioning include smaller carbon footprints from this renewable energy, system personalization tailored to your needs, and of course, energy independence for decreased power interruption.

Let’s flip the coin and talk about the cons of adding solar to your tiny house. Cost is always top of mind when it comes to home improvements. Most homeowners plan to buy their solar panel system outright but Solar Bear also offers financing and incentives resources. Along with Florida’s net metering programs and statewide incentives, this could offset much of the upfront cost. In order to truly take advantage of your energy independence, a solar battery is needed. Newer lithium batteries are powerful and efficient but will add to the cost of your system if you choose to store access energy. We know that space is at a premium in tiny houses. Some homeowners choose panel ground installations but those can be difficult to move, should you want to take your show on the road. Talking with our team is the best way to calculate how many panels are needed for your system. We can create a customized plan that works for your home.

Ready to learn more? Solar Bear is on a mission to create a stronger, more sustainable future with energy-saving solutions for Florida houses, big and small. Call us today at (727) 471-7442 to schedule your free estimate.