6 Ways You Can Support Renewable Energy

There are many reasons that public support for renewable energy has been gaining traction. Building wind and solar energy is a way that the United States can use energy sources that are more homegrown, low-cost, and renewable instead of relying on fossil fuels.

No matter the reason for embracing renewable energy, you might be wondering how you as a citizen can support the renewable energy movement.

While everyone doesn’t have the space to erect a wind turbine or install a solar panel system, here are 6 ways that you can support clean and reliable energy.

Contact Your Elected Officials

When you write to your U.S. Representatives, State Representatives, or your local elected officials, remember that your voice matters.

Tell them why you support growing renewable energy and why they should support policies that help the renewable energy industry grow. Ask what actions they are taking to support the renewable energy movement.

You may be surprised by how accessible your state and local elected officials are. To help enact meaningful change, make sure that your voice is heard!

Vote for Solar

The most important solar victories in the past few decades have all happened at the state and local levels, where the voices of everyday citizens hold sway.

Voting for solar initiatives and candidates that support solar energy are two ways that you can make an impact on a local and even global level. Push your representatives to take action. They work for you after all!

Support Local Businesses That Use Clean Energy

Corporate giants’ climate action is proof that global support for clean renewable energy is growing. But it isn’t only large companies that are making the switch. Solar panels can be seen across the country atop car repair shops and other small businesses to help them avoid fluctuating energy prices.

Frequent the greenest local businesses that you can. Buy from sustainable local businesses when you can, and don’t hesitate to let your local sops know that you support their decision to go solar or use clean energy.

Support Local Renewable Energy Initiatives

There are many wind and solar projects across Florida to support. Write to your local elected officials such as the County Commissioner or City Council to explain why you think renewable energy is a good thing for your community.

If there is a local renewable energy project in your area, stop into the developer’s office and say hello and ask how you can get more involved.

Further, attend any hearings or public gatherings and speak in support of these renewable energy projects. Even if you aren’t a public speaker, your presence at the local meeting is still helpful!

Inform Your Friends and Neighbors

Going solar is contagious. If you support solar by installing it on your roof or carport, your neighbors are more likely to follow. Inspire your neighbors to take action!

Let them know what steps you have been taking to support solar energy and share your enthusiasm for a future powered by clean energy.

Reduce Your Energy Impact

While choosing to add a solar system to your home is a wonderful way to support the renewable energy industry, there are other things that you can do to reduce your daily energy consumption.


 Reducing your electricity usage.

  • Turn lights off during the day
  • don’t leave lights on at night
  • Unplug items that you aren’t using
  • Leave blinds and curtains closed during the hottest part of the day
  • Replace lightbulbs with LEDs
  • Install a programmable thermostat
  • Use energy-efficient appliances

Reducing the impact of transportation on the environment.

  • Purchase an electric vehicle
  • Take public transit
  • Carpool
  • Walk
  • Ride a bike

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Go Solar Today

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