July 2022 Deadline to Get Grandfathered into Florida’s Net Metering Law

Florida’s ample sunshine makes it the perfect place to go solar and take part in net metering with Florida utility companies. Unfortunately, the battle against net metering law changes in Florida is not looking good.

While we aren’t giving up, now is the time to consider how you can protect yourself from these potential net metering law changes. Spoiler: You must sign up for net metering before July 2022 to qualify for the existing Florida net metering laws.

Our Solar Bear Orlando team discusses what is happening with net metering laws in Florida and what you should do if you have a solar system.

February 2022 Florida Solar Rally & Committee Meeting

On Tuesday, February 8th, 2022, the net metering bill was being discussed in the Senate Committee on Rules while the Save our Solar Rally was taking place right outside Florida’s Capitol in Tallahassee.

Unfortunately, the new net metering bill, that allows power companies to pay significantly lower rates to solar customers for their excess solar electricity sent to the grid, passed 13-3.

House Bill 741 and Senate Bill 1024 are being described as a “redesign” of Florida’s net metering program. But Florida net metering helps solar customers reduce their costs and improve their return on investments. Without it, the solar industry is set to take a huge hit. Installers, employers, customers, and the overall fight for our climate will all suffer.

What is Net Metering?

If you are new to solar, here’s a quick overview of what net metering is:

Essentially, net metering allows solar customers to send excess energy that has been generated by their solar system back to the electrical grid in exchange for payment or credits from their local energy provider.

For example, say you install $20,000 worth of solar panels on your rooftop here in Orlando. Now you can generate power and make money from the Florida sunshine every day. The local energy company will give you retail rate credits for the power that you share with the grid.

But with the HB741/SB1024 bill that just passed, you will be getting paid far less for the energy that you share. Your utility company will take your energy and sell it to other customers, but they will be the ones profiting, not you.

How to Get Grandfathered into Florida Net Metering

If you want to get grandfathered into the current Florida net metering agreement, you must sign up before July 2022.

Doing so will allow you to sell your solar energy back to the grid at the existing rate. If you aren’t grandfathered in, you will face the new net metering laws that could have a huge impact on your finances.

Our team at Solar Bear Orlando is happy to help! If you have questions about the forthcoming net metering law changes or want to install solar before July 2022, give us a call today!

Why You Must Act Fast

As we mentioned, you must sign up before July 2022 to get grandfathered into the existing Florida net metering agreement.

If you are looking to invest in solar before then, there are other reasons not to delay including:

  • Equipment delays: There are current equipment shortages that have yet to abate since the beginning of the pandemic.
  • Rising equipment prices: Due to inflation, solar equipment prices are on the rise. Act fast to take advantage of current prices before they rise even more.
  • 2022 Federal Solar Tax Credits: Enjoy 22% savings through the Federal Tax Credit in 2022 and 2023. After 2023 it will drop to 0%!

Can We Fight the Net Metering Bill?

Although the bill has passed, you can still join 93% of Floridians who support solar net metering by emailing Florida legislators urging them to oppose SB 1024 and HB741 and mention your concerns about the climate crisis and the future of solar.

Start Your Orlando Solar Project Today

If you want to take part in the existing Florida net metering agreement, the time to go solar is now! Our team at Solar Bear Orlando will help you through the process and ensure that your project starts in time to get grandfathered into the current net metering agreement.

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