4 Reasons to Install Solar Power for Your Business

Work smarter, not harder. The age-old saying applies to a lot of things especially when it comes to installing solar power for your business. Solar Bear Tampa has the top four reasons why adding a solar energy system is just good business cents…er, sense.

1. Tax incentives

There are a number of local and federal tax incentives that may reduce or eliminate your business’s monthly utility bill. Currently, the Federal Solar Tax Investment Credit offers a solar tax credit of 26% as an incentive for businesses to use alternative energy. The Solar Bear Tampa team can recommend all applicable options that may include net metering, Florida’s Solar and CHP sales tax exemption and more.

2. Increased property value

The real estate game is on fire these days. As a growing or expanding company, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the market. By installing solar panels, you will instantly see an increase in property value followed by a decrease in utilities costs. These small changes can lead to big results for buyers and sellers.

3. Attracting customers

Installing a solar system can lead to a whole new customer audience! Growing climate concerns and constant discussions on renewable energy initiatives have consumers paying more attention to where their dollars are spent. By installing solar for your business, you are exemplifying a progressive strategy that is committed to sustainable values.

4. ROI

Making sound investments is part of the business world but with solar, it’s never been easier to see your return on investment. By installing solar and owning a system outright, payments will be significantly less than they would be for a traditional electric system. Solar Bear Tampa can determine the best financing options for your business to ensure that your ROI keeps growing. 

Solar Bear Tampa wants to make going solar an easy and seamless experience for your business! With our extensive experience and a plethora of fantastic benefits, going solar has never been easier. Get started with your free estimate today!