Do Trees Affect Installing Solar Panels?

If a tree falls in the forest, does it affect your solar panels? That’s the saying, right? Nevertheless, Solar Bear has some important tips and tricks for installing solar panels if your home happens to have trees nearby.

An excess of trees, leaves and other debris on or near your roof can impact your solar system significantly. Because overgrown branches can block direct sunlight from reaching your rooftop panels, it’s important to trim and maintain any that might disrupt the energy conversion process. In order to create energy for your home, solar panels must convert large beams of sunlight into electricity. The photons from the sunlight help panels produce this electricity. But if trees or branches are covering your roof, this prevents panels from accessing protons in the sunlight that are essential for producing maximum electricity. In most cases, homeowners with trees on their property can make do with trimming branches before installing a solar system. However, if you cannot or choose not to remove trees, a solar system might not be an option for your home.

After considering these factors and others like your lifestyle and the cost of removal, you may decide that rooftop solar panels are simply not feasible. Fortunately, there may be another option! Many areas offer community solar. By purchasing electricity bill credits from local solar farms, you can support clean energy without installing any equipment on your property. As a subscriber to a community solar program, you could save 5 to 10% on your electricity bill while encouraging local renewable energy projects.

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