How Does Voltage Drop Affect My Solar Energy System?

Has the spark gone out? On your solar energy system, that is. It could be a voltage drop affecting the efficiency of your system. At Solar Bear, we’re not relationship experts but we do pride ourselves on knowing the ins and outs of solar energy and the systems that create sparks that everyone can benefit from. Read on to see how voltage drop could affect your solar energy system.

Within every solar panel system, electrical currents run through wires. Ironically, those wires have an inherent resistance to the current’s flow that results in small amounts of voltage lost during the transmission, also known as voltage drop. Because of this, most solar panels cannot deliver 100% of the power produced. However, there are techniques available to minimize voltage drop and increase the efficiency of your solar system.

A few of the most popular options are below but during your initial consultation with the Solar Bear team, we will create a plan that covers these possibilities in greater detail. Our main objective is to prevent or minimize the resistance in the transmission wires that leads to voltage drop. The first approach would be to strategically install your home’s solar inverter closer to solar panels rather than the traditional meter box. Another option would be to use thicker and shorter wires during the installation process. A thicker wire will allow more electrical currents to pass through while a shorter wire encourages higher efficiency. Lastly, consider transmitting higher voltages that will result in a lower current. This should minimize power losses associated with the current. 

It’s important to note that voltage drop does not reduce the efficiency of your solar system. By using small wires with long wiring runs, there is always a possibility of short energy losses that produce hiccups in a solar system’s efficiency. According to the National Electric Code, there should not be a limit on voltage drops because all systems are unique, and it is impossible to eliminate — in most cases a 2% DC voltage drop is normal. 

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