Pros and Cons of Solar Hot Water

If the chill of January has you thinking about installing a new hot water system, why not try a solar water heater? At Solar Bear, our goal is to empower Florida families in their solar journey. 

We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons to assist you in making an educated buying decision when it comes to solar energy. Come on in, the water is warm! 

Though they may be mysterious to most homeowners, a solar water heater system can be a worthwhile investment. At its core, solar heating systems are simply greenhouses for water. Solar panels are used to trap heat that then heats stored water. There are two options for solar hot water systems – active systems that have circulating pumps and controls and passive systems that depend on gravity to facilitate the heating process. 

Whichever system you choose, there are a number of benefits to investing in a solar water heater system. It allows you to create an eco-friendlier lifestyle immediately. With a gas or electric backup system for overcast days, more hot water is heated using 100% renewable energy. As the rise in solar energy popularity continues, homeowners will see an increase in their home’s value as buyers look for more energy-saving home options. And the savings just keep comin’! On average, U.S. households will save 50-80% on their water heating bills after installing a solar water heater system. Homeowners will also be protected should any fuel shortages or soaring energy costs occur in the future. Perhaps the most important savings will be seen in the numerous local and federal government tax credits. Currently, any system that heats water in your home (rather than a pool or hot tub), receives a 26% federal tax credit if installed before the end of 2022. This is an amazing way to offset the initial cost of your system!

Our team at Solar Bear is on a mission to facilitate a thriving quality of life through solar energy for as many families and businesses as possible. But we’re not perfect and neither is solar so for due diligence’s sake, here are some cons to installing a solar water heater system to mull over when making your decision. With any home improvement investment, initial costs and maintenance needs to be considered. In most cases, a solar water heater system will last longer than a traditional system but will need to be maintained by a professional company. It may not be a major factor for sunny Florida but cloudy and overcast conditions will reduce the efficiency on those outlier types of days. And lastly, roof space is a necessity. Though solar hot water panels are smaller than solar electricity panels, you will need to confirm an appropriately sized area on your roof for installation. 

Ready to dive in? Solar Bear can help you create a solar energy plan that works for your family. Sign up for a free estimate today or give us a call at (813) 922-3735 for more information.